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Earlier this week, we had the chance to wander down to the Geico Honda's raceshop for a in-depth look at Jeremy Martin's new ride. Because of this, we didn't shoot too much at the race of his bike. If you want to see more, go here; First Look: Jeremy Martin's Geico Honda CRF250R.

We spoke to the team on Saturday to ask about sound testing. They had brought the bike equipped with their Supercross setup, as the sound test for SX is the same as the GPs but found that they passed with flying colors. Eliminating the need for their right-side airbox block, along some of the foam they would run around the sideplates and seat. Why did they pass with a few DBs to spare? During Supercross, the teams are sound testing near a stadium and other buildings that cause the sound to bounce. Plus, the colder and usually moister (especially on the East coast) air is thicker, make sound reverberate more as it passes through it. Being that sound testing at Glen Helen was next to a fairly flat parking lot, along with the air being dry and warm, it created lower DBs on the test.

The headpipe they brought to the race was a little longer than the one we saw mid-last week, which Yoshimura whipped up for them and finished on Friday. If you look closely, you can see two extra welds between the bung area and the kickstarter, plus that same length has been added after the cylinder head, which is blocked by the radiator shroud in this photo (although, you can see one of those additional welds if you look just under the tip of the shroud). This was to move the feel of the power down a bit in the rpm range, per Jeremy Martin's request.

However things aren't completely new at Geico Honda, as J-Mart has brought his long-time mechanic Pedro (Richard Sterling) along with him.

Also, the duo are now working with the team's official test rider, Jaeger Craig.

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