SX1 Heat Race Two

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SX1 Heat Race Two - Photo Blast: Paris-Lille Supercross - Motocross Pictures - Vital MX

Cedric Soubeyras led the charge into the first turn to start the second SX1 heat race.

Cooper Webb and Cedric Soubeyras were battling over second and third spot.

James Stewart had taken over the lead, but went down after tucking the front end in the sand section. At that point, Malcolm Stewart took over the lead.

Cooper Webb eventually got around Cedric Soubeyras, and took second.

Malcolm took the win in this one, and had some fun with it, as you see below.

SX Heat 2
1.  Malcolm Stewart
2.  Cooper Webb
3.  James Stewart
4.  Cedric Soubeyras
5.  Fabien Izoird
6.  Thomas Ramette
7.  Nicolas Aubin
8.  Cyrille Coulon
9.  Loic Rombaut
10.  Killian Auberson
11.  Adrien Lopes



Photo Blast: Paris-Lille Supercross

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