Hell On Wheels

Hell On Wheels

Mix up one part fashion show, one parts retro, two parts quirky, and about four parts fun, and that's what the Hell On Wheels racing is like. Held on Saturday afternoon, this event had plenty of interest...and giggles. Where else are you likely to see a hand-shift class with vintage Harleys...or a modern Sportster with moto suspension?

When a regular duckbill visor just isn't long enough...

Which one's your pick?

How about this bad-boy?

Yep, that's a suicide clutch.

Actual leathers? Yep.

Tyler Bereman worked his way through the pack on a vintage Bultaco for the win in this moto class.

That's a sweet old Maico on the outside.

Old vs. new. Old won out.

With a TT-style track, actual flattrack skills came in handy.

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