First Look: LITPro

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Check out the most advanced personal data acquisition device to be introduced to the motocross industry, the LITPro
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  • GeorgiePorgie

    6/18/2015 6:25 PM

    why do they mount on the helmet as opposed to the bike?

  • slotsquid

    6/19/2015 11:01 AM

    Basically it is an antenna and needs to be as high as possible, thus the helmet.

  • Mike P.

    6/17/2015 5:32 PM

    Not to be a hater, but i thought motocross was a sport of rider vs. track vs. competition. Too me at least, this device takes a bit of the human element out of riding, I like choosing my own lines based on track conditions, plus the element of surprise (few lines are ever exactly the same every lap) you have a device that tells you which lines to take...thanks, but I'd rather ride my own race.

  • connordoll21

    6/17/2015 5:50 PM

    I dont use mine to see specific lines, its more of a, okay this lap i was fastest here and hit this jump so and so feet and the next lap when i jumped it farther i gained x seconds and was now faster on the stright following that jump.i dont see it as a specific line tool. Its a hole lap tool

  • Dirtbikexpress

    6/17/2015 1:38 AM

    These things look really interesting and can help people really improve by the looks of it!



  • ginger969

    6/16/2015 3:15 PM

    SO sick

  • connordoll21

    6/16/2015 1:16 PM

    I am a beta tester and I love mine! It's super rad Sometimes down straights with a downhill it says I'm on a jump but it's been getting better to bad I had to spend 500 on a new iPad to use it

  • NVA57

    6/16/2015 12:54 PM

    Now I finally know what that weird black thing is on Musquin's helmet.

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