Vital MX - After a very strong 2016, introducing all new motocross and cross-country models, KTM has continued on with a generous amount of upgrades to those same bikes for 2017. Along with introducing an all new 250 SX, 250 XC, and 300 XC two-stroke for the smoker crowd.

Amongst these upgrades is WP's new AER 48 air fork, which has been updated extensively since its introduction on the 2016 Factory Edition models.

The 2017 models also feature a new handlebar system which runs the launch control and mapping changes, along with a new "traction control".

To learn more about these 2017 models, flip through the gallery for the updates and specs on each separate model. On page two you'll find the 125 SX, 150 SX on page three, the all-new 250 SX on page four, 250 SX-F on page five, 350 SX-F sits on page six, onto page seven for the 450 SX-F. Then for the off-road cross country models you'll find the 250 XC on page eight, 300 XC hiding on page nine, 250 XC-F thumper on page ten, 350 XC-F waiting on page eleven, and finally the 450 XC-F on page twelve.

First Look: 2017 KTM Motocross and Cross-Country Line

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