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2016 Suzuki RM-Z250 - First Look: 2016 Suzuki RM-Z250 - Motocross Pictures - Vital MX

For Suzuki's 2016 RM-Z250 intro, we were lucky enough to travel to Japan to get an up-close and personal look. All of our information came directly from a Q&A session with Suzuki's R&D staff.​ Check back in a bit for Suzuki's specs and more info about the new bike.

For 2016, the Suzuki RM-Z250 may not appear much different, but it does have quite a host of changes.

First off, in the engine department are a set of new cams with revised lift and featuring a new decompression release mechanism. (2016 cam on the left, 2015 on the right)

Next up on the refinement list is a new process for the piston, which has been shot peened for increased reliability. The actual casting is the same. (2016 piston on the right, 2015 piston on the left.)

A DLC treated wrist pin is now used to connect the piston to the rod. The process reduces friction and increases durability. (2016 DLC pin on the right, 2015 standard pin on the left.)

The valvetrain itself will also see some improvements, as the RM-Z250 will go from a domed valve to a flat-faced valve, which will increase the compression ratio and power. The new flat-faced valve also has a different angle from the stem to the valve to increase flow. (2015 domed valve on the left and 2016 flat-faced valve on the right.)

Another big change comes from the heart of the engine in the crankcases. For 2016 the oil flow passages below the crank have been opened up along with a slightly smaller diameter crank to reduce friction between the oil, crank, and crankcases. (2015 cases pictured above, 2016 below.)

To make up for the loss of inertia and change of engine characteristics with the smaller crank, Suzuki added a bit of material and weight to the outer edge of the flywheel. (2016 flywheel pictured on the right, 2015 on the left.)

The last engine-related changes come from the exhaust system. The headpipe and midpipe have been changed in length (40mm added in total) to increase response and performance. Last of all, the new exhaust meets the latest AMA - Pro/Am sound test requirements.

The 2016 Suzuki RM-Z250 will also feature improvements in the handling department, as it has gained a new frame and suspension components.

The 2016 chassis has a host of changes from its previous incarnations.

The ribbing along the inside frame spars has been reduced to allow more flex and impact absorption through the frame.

The headstay and cradle of the frame have also had their thicknesses modified to change the rigidity and flex characteristics.

Possibly the biggest change are to the suspension components, which have switched from Showa to KYB.

The fork is KYB's PSF2 Air Fork, which is a bit different then the unit found on the Honda CRF450R. The Suzuki unit features high and low-speed rebound clickers at the top of the fork, and has a compression damping clicker at the bottom of the fork. This is a bit different as the other PSF2 units we've seen, which feature high and low-speed compression damping in one fork and rebound high and low-speed on the other fork. When we inquired as to why Suzuki chose the different design, the R&D staff responded that they felt like the balance in the fork action was better on this version.

The shock has also changed from Showa to KYB, and now features KYB's three dial adjuster at the top while retaining rebound adjustment through the clevis at the bottom of the shock.

For 2016, the RM-Z250 gains a lighter Nissin brake caliper that also offers better cooling.

Dunlops remain on the RM-Z250, but have changed from the MX51 to the newer MX52 front and rear.

Launch control is also new to the 2016 RM-Z250. This version is a lot closer to what the factory teams use as it's a multi-stage system, which changes the power throughout the sequence. When launching it restricts power, before allowing more power in two different stages on a preset time, which was decided on during testing with multiple starts at different lengths for the best outcome.

That's all we have for you now. Remember to peek back in a bit as we'll be updating this post with Suzuki's official 2016 Press Release, which will contain all the specs along with more in-depth information on a few of the changes.


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