Dallas Supercross Lites 2010 First Turn Crash. 3

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Dallas Supercross Lites 2010 First Turn Crash. - Dominos in Dallas - Motocross Pictures - Vital MX

The first turn at Dallas was a wild one for sure, as nearly everyone in the pack was involved in one form or another. As you'll see for yourself, it looked like dominos. It appears that Martin Davalos caught a Tuf Block on the inside of the corner, and after that? Well, follow along and see for yourself. Remember, you can click any photo along the way for a bigger image.

Credit: GuyB
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Dominos in Dallas

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  • kardy

    3/21/2010 10:01 AM

    Pourcel had already been hit by Squirrelos at that point...

  • excr125rracer

    3/21/2010 6:01 AM

    It looks to me that Pourcel caught the tuff block and flipped it in front of Davalos. Pourcels left boot is off the peg and back behind him not up and out to his front left as if preparing for turning in.

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