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    APT SmartCarb - American International Motorcycle Expo - AIME: Day 2 - Motocross Pictures - Vital MX

The ease of adjustment, plus the improved air and fuel usage qualities APT's SmartCarb make it a compelling buy for most two-stroke enthusiasts.

Personally, I don't miss messing around with jetting on two-strokes. Especially when riding at wildly different elevations. The SmartCarb eliminates any real need for tuning on your part, because it's really quite smart (bad pun, I know). Once you find the right mixture setting, using the screw on top, you just leave it be and ride!

The short and simple explanation is; the carb uses a pressurized float bowl that creates a constant pressure between the front of the Venturi and float bowl for an accurate fuel/air mixture.

This is quite the interesting product, and we'll be getting out hands on one in the upcoming week. Check back for our thoughts on the SmartCarb and a more thorough explanation of its inner workings.

Until then, you can obtain more information at PowerAPT.com.

Credit: Michael Lindsay
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