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MIPS - 2017 EICMA - Milan Motorcycle Show: Wrap-Up Coverage - Motocross Pictures - Vital MX

MIPS has been popping up in motocross, off-road, BMX, MTB, road racing, and helmets in other areas a lot this past year. The brand, not a helmet producer but a technology provider, offers a product to reduce rotational energy to the brand and can be placed in a variety helmets...being that they pass their own strict internal testing.

The first technology they've been placing in their customer's products have been these thin plastic shells, which are anchored down at key points and can slide independently of the shell reduce the energy placed upon your head during helmet rotation in a crash.

The two latest technologies they had to show off are based off the same principals, but redesigned and manufactured for specific cases...such as these smaller sliders and pads (A1) which can be placed strategically throughout a MTB helmet. The advantage is the overall size and air flow this system can offer a mountain bike helmet, vs their larger plastic slider.

As pictured here, the velcro material which will attach to the inside of the helmet is anchored the center, plastic disc. This allows both ends of velcro material to slide and rotate around the center anchor disc.

The third item on display was what looked to be a \

As mentioned, the cap is anchored into place but the material slide upon the sleeve inside. Between the material movement and pivoting off the anchor points, this is where the rotational energy reduction would be found.

Credit: Michael "ML512" Lindsay
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2017 EICMA - Milan Motorcycle Show: Wrap-Up Coverage

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