Kicking off our second day of coverage from INTERMOT with the Bell helmets crew, as they had a ton to show off.

First up is a new collab helmet with the Fasthouse crew for A Day in the Dirt, which will be for sale along with matching Fasthouse gear for the event!

A couple more views of the helmet.

Next up is a fleet of entry level MX9 helmets.

Which are now equipped with MIPS technology.

Also on hand was a fleet of Seven collab helmets, both in the MX9 and Moto 9 Flex range.

Even more of the Seven fleet.

Keep scrolling.

Seriously, we haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet.

Almost there.

And bam, a chrome Seven helmet which will be available in the near future...

But there's still more to go.

We may get yelled at for this one, but here's a sneak peek at new Monster Energy, Pro Circuit replica helmet which the team will debut soon.

We were digging the purple accents...

The biggest hit of the show for Bell was their re-release of the iconic Moto III. With some minor updates of course in safety and quality, but with the same classic look.

And for those that want that vintage or Cafe look, there's even more choices.

Ending out with Bell's new expansive range of Star road helmets, at multiple price points and features.

The personal favorite...

2016 INTERMOT: Day 2 Coverage

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