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Seat Concepts releases Tall Moto Seat for Sur-Ron X Light Bee and Segway X160/X260 E-bikes

Caldwell, ID — For the first time ever, Seat Concepts has released a seat replacement option for electric bikes, specifically for the Sur-Ron X Light Bee and Segway X160/X260.

The Race 2.0 Tall Moto, extends the length of the seat by 41 mm, filling the gap between the stock seat and the battery cover for unrestricted rider movement. They’ve also increased the height of the seat by 17 mm, allowing for a flatter and narrower Race 2.0 shape to improve
ergonomics. Finally, the seat cover has a proper MX-style gripper seat cover complete with traction ribs to keep you locked in place when seated.

The combination of an improved shape and cover with Seat Concepts’ proprietary foam formula delivers the most comfortable and functional Sur-Ron X Light Bee seat on the market.

Available in four different colorways on

About Seat Concepts
At Seat Concepts, we pride ourselves in offering what we believe to be the best seat foam and cover products available for dual-sport, adventure, and street motorcycles, at an affordable price.

Seat Concepts products are made and developed here in the U.S.A. by true motorcycle enthusiasts. We ride and race what we sell.


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