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REC MX 2024 Kawasaki KX450 parts now available 3


Below are the in-stock REC MX parts currently available for the new 2024 KX450, some brand new parts, and some that carried over. To see photos of all color variations and for more info please visit:

Brand new front brake Master Cylinder Guards for the 2024 Brembo master cylinder and current design Nissin clutch master cylinder guards


-3D printed black Nylon

-3D CAD designed from a 3D laser scan of the master cylinder for a very precise fit

-Attaches with foam tape and cable ties (included)

-Made in the USA

-Tested and used by the PRMX Kawasaki Team

$17.95 each (brake and clutch side sold separately)


Brand new design Carbon Fiber Case Saver


-Made from 2×2 twill weave 100% Carbon Fiber

-3D CAD designed & precision waterjet cut (made in the USA)

-Almost half the weight of the OEM part and much stronger

-Same thickness as the OEM part so you can use your current bolts (shorter length bolts needed if removing countershaft sprocket guard)

-Available by itself or with Titanium M6-1.00 x 10mm shorter bolts for use without OEM countershaft sprocket guard installed

-Tested and used by the PRMX Kawasaki Team

-Fits 2021-2024 Kawasaki KX250/ 2019-2024 KX450/ 2021 KX250XC/ 2022-2024 KX250X/ 2022-2024 KX450X

$20.95 / $32.95 (with Ti bolts)


Seat Nuts


- CNC machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum

-Won’t fall out and get lost like the OEM nut

-Available in black anodized finish

-Lighter than the OEM nuts, almost half the weight

-Sold as a set (2 nuts)

-Made in the USA

-Used by Team PRMX Kawasaki, Madd Parts Kawasaki, and F&H Racing Kawasaki

-Keefer Inc Top Mod for 2023 Kawasaki:

-Fits 2021-2024 Kawasaki KX250 / 2021-2024 KX250X / 2019-2024 KX450 / 2022-2024 KX450X

$24.95 a set


Radiator Bleed Plug


-3D CAD designed & CNC machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum

-Stronger and more durable than the OEM plastic plug (won’t melt or strip out)

-Anodized red or blue and laser marked to look sharp and for longevity

-Uses OEM O-ring (not included)

-Used by Madd Parts Kawasaki

-Fits 2017-2024 KX250(F), 2016-2024 KX450(F), 2021-2024 KX250X, 2022-2024 KX450X, and 2020-2023 KLX300R



Billet Oil Filter Cover


-3D CAD designed

-CNC machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum (made in the USA)

-Stronger design than OEM cover

-Lighter weight than other billet oil filter covers

-Anodized blue, red, black, or clear (silver) and laser marked logos to look sharp and for longevity

-Uses OEM bolts, oil filter and o-ring (o-ring not included)

-Used by Team PRMX Kawasaki

-Fits 2016-2024 Kawasaki KX450(F)



For more info please visit


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