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Nihilo Concepts Separate Start / Stop Conversion Kit

The Nihilo Concepts Separate Start / Stop Conversion Kit is designed to provide an alternative to the new 2023 combination switch on the new bikes. The combo switch does not have a user-friendly feel, and many cross country riders that compete in events with a dead engine start have complained about not being able to start their bike fast enough to get the hole shot.

The Nihilo kit is equipped with a common start and kill switch buttons that have been standard equipment for many years on many popular brands. Most riders are familiar with and feel comfortable with these high-quality buttons.

The conversion kit also allows the user to mount the buttons where ever they would like on their bars, and installation is easy because they clip into the Factory connector behind the front number plate.

Pick up a conversion kit today and stop worrying about not being able to start your bike. Instead, combine this kit with Nihilo’s popular SOS start switch for complete confidence in your bike. These Nihilo products are used by the KTM, Husqvarna, and Gas Gas Factory teams because they understand the importance of quality components for their race bikes.

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