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Next big thing out there - Chimera series dirt bike graphics

Why choose something less when you can have the best?

Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce the next big thing out there - Chimera dirt bike graphics series. This showstopper has taken our office by a storm so don’t be surprised if you see guys from OMX showcasing this design on their own dirt bikes. Therefore, we can surely predict that this kit will became a total hit in a track as well. And we bet you can clearly see the reason. This completely unique design mixes the best elements from racing world like sharp and aggressive lines with stylistic touches and sophisticated colors that simply make it look perfect. Be the first one from your team to sport it and become a true MX trendsetter!

Dirt Bike Graphics Kit Chimera by OMX
Chimera Yellow / Black
Custom Motocross Graphics Kit Chimera by OMX.jpg?VersionId=EQmNLC5dItEZLSe2ua7pFjcFI4wfjdY
Chimera Red / Black

Chimera graphics kits are available for most common dirt bike models 1998 onwards.
The best part? All the customisation is for free.

Some choices are hard, others - totally obvious. For us, picking a brand new graphics kit is a no-brainer. To put it short, why choose something less when you can have the best? We know, there are tons of motocross graphics producers out there. But there is a clear reason why OMX Graphics is #1 on Google for most MX graphics - related keywords as this is the top choice every time.

Custom Mx Graphics Kit Chimera by OMX.jpg?VersionId=Ra2MYOLLbf0G1q5N76Q.SjYTrRIYg
Chimera Grey / Black
Motocross Graphics Kit Chimera by OMX
Chimera Teal / Black

Premium quality, nice and thick Substance material which won’t let you down and completely mad mx graphics design options to choose from. This is what makes your life way more easier.

Team OMX Graphics


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