Press Release

Backyard Design now offers matching plastics to their graphics!

You’re looking for plastics for dirt bikes? BYD got you covered and offers full plastic sets for your bike.

You want to create a unique look for your bike? You can now not only order fresh graphics, but include the matching dirt bike plastic kits for your bike!
Without a matching set of plastics your fresh set of graphics won’t look the same! Order now the matching set of Ufo plastics! They only got a limited stock in their warehouse, so you better be quick.

You’re tired of ordering at several shops to create the look you want? With their wide range of Ufo plastics you can now let your creativity run wild with only ordering at one shop! Make your bike the best version of itself. 

With Backyard Designs high quality standards for all of their products there was only one plastic company they wanted to team up with.
The Ufo plastics are well known for their awesome fit and the great quality.
Don’t sleep on Backyard Designs wide range of products and get ready for the 2023 season. 

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