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Alpinestars Introduces 2024 MX Gear Collection 2

The focus of the 2024 MX Collection has been centered around innovations in helmet design, racing materials research, ergonomic fit development, and the expansion of the line of protection for young riders. Springboarding off last year’s reengineered Collection, the new 2024 Motocross Line incorporates key refinements to ensure top performance, offering an expansive range of top-of-the-line, ECE 22.06/DOT certified helmets, and an entire family of Motocross gear designed to be durable and to provide the ultimate in comfort and fit, especially when it comes to ergonomics, breathability, and lightweight.

With Alpinestars’ new 2024 range, riders of all levels from professional to beginner will find an extensive selection of helmets, gear, and protection to meet their riding needs. The MX 24 Gear Line includes 56 new gearsets, with the new Youth Racer gear in 7 styles for a total of 12 colorways, as well as the 2 colorways of the Kid's Racer gear for little racers just getting started with motocross. The MX24 Collection elevates style and graphics to a whole new level introducing vibrant color blocking, fading techniques, modern camo, speckled designs, line curvature, and fluidity, and for some kits bringing a cool streetwear vibe, with the line showcasing performance excellence and amazing style.

“It’s always exciting seeing the new Collection drop. Alpinestars as a brand is always pushing to improve their products and protection, and I’m just grateful to be part of it.” – Chase Sexton
“It’s always exciting seeing the new Collection drop. Alpinestars as a brand is always pushing to improve their products and protection, and I’m just grateful to be part of it.” – Chase Sexton

Recognized as being one of the most advanced, protective, and performance-enhancing helmets, Alpinestars' range of Supertech M10 and SM5 MX Helmets are taking the lead at the highest levels of racing with professional riders protected by the S-M10. From American MX/SX, MXGP, Enduro, to the Dakar, Alpinestars has more than 50 professional supported riders wearing the Supertech M10 helmet including Chase Sexton, Jett and Hunter Lawrence, Aaron Plessinger, Daniela Guillen, Glenn Coldenhoff, Maxime Renaux, Justin Cooper, Haiden Deegan, Ryan Villopoto, Tom Pages, Matt Green, Ricky Brabec, Kevin and Luciano Benavides, just to name a few.
“Every time I put on the Alpinestars S-M10 helmet, I can feel confident in my riding, knowing I’m protected by the best helmet out there.” – Chase Sexton
With MX24, the newly homologated ECE 22.06 Supertech M10 and SM5 Helmets make their debut, offering an impressive selection of 7 styles and 12 colorways for the S-M10, and 7 styles and 20 colorways for the SM5 Line.

The new S-M10’s design and multi-composite shell construction provide the helmet with a high level of performance and a unique shell lay-up process that results in extremely effective impact protection. In addition, the new S-M10 Helmet, with its four outer shells and four-piece multi-density EPS liner provides premium impact protection, plus it has new 3D-shaped cheek pads. The new SM5 Helmets now feature 3 individual anatomical shell sizes (an additional shell was added to allow for an improved fit and a wider entrance) plus three individual EPS inner liner sizes with a combination of inner lining and cheek padding combinations to offer 6 unique sizes to ensure the best level of fitment and protection. The SM5's inner liner features a 7-piece expanded polystyrene (EPS) construction, including 5 different densities of EPS, providing the helmet with the most appropriate density in relation to the section of the shell which tends to be more or less impact prone in a crash.  

The new S-M10 has a redesigned front chin bar design and both the S-M10 and the SM5 have a raised chin bar profile to clear the collarbone.  The S-M10 Helmet also boasts new side pads made from a semi-soft polymer for added protection with a larger contact area to help spread impact energy.


With a fully equipped helmet testing facility at Alpinestars Research and Development Center, we have carried out an exhaustive impact research program. Our R&D efforts have resulted in the helmet returning linear and oblique impact performance which far exceeds both current and future helmet regulation standard limits. For direct linear impacts, the S-M10 surpasses the new ECE 22.06 standard for 2024 by an average magnitude of 46% for regular-speed impacts and 28% for high-speed linear rotational impacts. The S-M10 exceeds the new ECE 22.06 Peak Rotational Acceleration standard by 76%. For the new ECE 22.06 standard, the SM5 helmet achieves a 44% better regular-speed impact rating compared to the current 33%, as well as a 32% better low-speed and a 31% better high-speed linear impact score than the prevailing standard. The new helmets are designed to protect and allow riders to focus on what they do best to ensure maximum performance.

The MX24 Collection showcases the addition of 21 new helmets to the range. From solid black and white glossy to lightning-inspired black and white, and black, yellow glossy, the range offers something for everyone. Vibrant colors, color blocking, Alpinestars wordmark wraps in differing positions around the helmet, big strong, modern marbled camo patterns, unique camo with neon color pops and flame-inspired speed demon graphics, the S-M10 and SM5 Helmets with their bright multi-color designs, offer enticing designs for everyone.

The new MX24 Supertech M10 helmet is really comfortable. The ventilation in these hot conditions is really, really good, and it stands out big time, and just in general, the helmet safety is good. There is a good balance between the weight and the feel of the helmet, the S-M10 helmet has a good combination of lots of things. I feel safe with it.– Glenn Coldenhoff 



“Alpinestars is always looking at ways to improve their products and ensure we’re comfortable out there on the track. The MX24 Collection takes things to a whole new level. The new MX24 gear really matches my style. There’s plenty of color and flair, so I know I’m going to look good out there on the track. Look good, feel good, ride good. I’m stoked with all the new gear from Alpinestars.” – Jett Lawrence 


Designed to provide superior riding performance, the Supertech Line is Alpinestars’ innovative professional motocross apparel offering a factory rider design, with its compression style fit and extremely lightweight and ventilated feel. Supertech Gear offers perfect comfort and the ultimate in ventilation while riding.

“Just like us, Alpinestars is always pushing to improve. From the performance of their products, the fit and feel, the designs, the MX24 Collection just raises the bar even higher. There are some unique colors and graphics in the new MX24 Collection, so it’s cool to be wearing something a bit different for sure. I feel confident every time I’m lining up on the gate, knowing I’m protected by a brand that genuinely cares about providing the safest possible gear for their riders.”  – Hunter Lawrence

For MX24, the Supertech Jersey has refinements when it comes to the incorporation of innovative Stretchnet panels that offer loads of stretch and strength while flowing lots of air on the full chest and back of the rider.  The material paneling on the sleeves has been refined, eliminating seams on all flex points to provide perfect comfort while riding. The Supertech Jersey has laser-cut perforations all throughout the upper and lower arms including the sides of the torso and armpit areas for improved ventilation. The Supertech Pants feature an evolved and durable material construction that provides full 4-way stretch for comfort, designed with laser perforations that provide high levels of ventilation.

The new Alpinestars MX24 Collection is really nice. The last few years Alpinestars have stepped it up big time not only in the look of the gear but also in the quality. I really like the Supertech gear, it’s really comfortable, and it feels so stretchy. I like it a lot.– Glenn Coldenhoff

If you’re looking for gear that fits like a second skin, the Supertech Gear is the perfect choice for you. Available in 3 different graphics: Supertech Ward with its variety of color stories mixed with a distinctive branding pop to provide a pure, athletic sports team feel. Supertech Spek is a cool way to do white gear, inspired by college football and last year’s Supertech North style, with smaller speckled used to create an athletic, stylish, and modern vibe; and the Supertech Dade gear that incorporates fading effects with the red and iron berry contrasting gradients. Supertech Dade is inspired by the pink gear worn by French Motocross World Champion, Jacky Vimond, also known as “the Pink Panther.” The Supertech styles push colors to the limit with the reinvention of a factory rider concept guaranteed to steal the show at the track.





The MX24 Techstar Jersey and Pants incorporate mesh materials for improved stretch, breathability (with laser-cut perforations on the chest and arms), durability, and a newly optimized fit pattern for excellent freedom of movement. The new Techstar range materials have been dyed instead of sublimated, allowing the colors to maintain their vibrancy and resist fading over time. Designed to provide excitement around the motocross colors characteristic of the sport, the color banding elements will look rad with this gear in motion on the track.

The Techstar Gear has 4 styles: the Techstar Pneuma offers a modern take on full body color gradation, with a feel almost like car racing and nautical competition; the Techstar Ocuri is purposefully designed to be even more race-driven, with almost MotoGPesque color blocking that creates a pure racing vibe; Techstar Rantera inspired by the Supertech North print from MX23, the Techstar Rantera pattern took the spots and scaled them way up, adjusting it more to create a terrazzo feel. The terrazzo fluo gear worn by Hunter Lawrence at Anaheim 3 and the gear worn by Eli Tomac in Denver inspired the Techstar Rantera and Techstar Graphite styles. The Techstar Rantera and Graphite gear is rocking and will remind fans of their favorite MX/SX champions Hunter and Eli on the track.

“I feel like the designs and colors of the MX24 Collection really match my style. I’m very meticulous when it comes to my race day setup and I think with the new 2024 Collection, it’s the best it’s ever been.” – Chase Sexton
“I feel like the designs and colors of the MX24 Collection really match my style. I’m very meticulous when it comes to my race day setup and I think with the new 2024 Collection, it’s the best it’s ever been.” – Chase Sexton




Featuring a slightly more relaxed construction, the Racer Gear has been designed for many forms of off-road riding with its durable, stretch, and ergonomic pre-curved the Racer Gear features Techstar stretch material in key areas.  Developed and tested on some of the rugged tracks and trails across the world, the Racer Jersey and Pants are ideal for many forms of off-road riding. 


The new MX24 Racer Line introduces 4 gear designs: Racer Graphite, perfect for those riders looking for a clean elegant black kit, the Racer Graphite gear is all about style; Racer Hoen with its elevated color blocking and fading techniques, the vibrant colors of the gear are sure to stun the crowd; Racer Tactical offers a unique and modern take on magnified camo designs, where the 3 camo styles incorporate 3 distinct colors with none of the colors running into each other or mixing. The SM5 Mineral Helmet is a perfect match for this gear since the inspiration for the gearset is a scaled version of the helmet design; Racer Hana inspired by 7-time MX National Champion Bob Hannah, known as “Hurricane Hannah,” the Racer Hana style is all about what’s going on in streetwear and designed to appeal to the younger riders. Both the Alpinestars and Astars wordmarks are hand drawn with a custom font that was created specifically for the gear. The Racer Hana gear was inspired by the gear that Jett Lawrence wore when he won the title.  Remembering the '80s motocross era, and with new takes on camouflage and streetwear, the new MX24 Racer Line is sure to be popular with motocross fans.

“I like the vibe of the MX24 gear. There are some really unique graphics and colors that match my style pretty well, so I’m pumped I get to wear them this season. Comfort and performance are important when it comes to racing, so I’m stoked to be wearing A
“I like the vibe of the MX24 gear. There are some really unique graphics and colors that match my style pretty well, so I’m pumped I get to wear them this season. Comfort and performance are important when it comes to racing, so I’m stoked to be wearing A

When it comes to younger riders, the Youth Gear is created on Alpinestars’ Racer platform with the corresponding graphics from the adult gearset lineup, with Racer styles: Pneuma, Ocuri, Hoen, Lucent, Tactical, Hana, and Lurv. The Kids' Line offers options for the youngest of riders with the Racer Hoen and Racer Found gearsets. At the track, all eyes will be on the kids wearing the exciting and vibrant Racer Gear.




Offering a revised ergonomic pattern and a very relaxed fit, the new MX24 Fluid Line provides beginner and recreational MX riders gear with the advanced MX technology and construction features of the Supertech, Techstar, and Racer Gear for a complete performance look and feel.


The Fluid Gear comes in 3 graphics: Fluid Lucent which is truly athlete inspired, where riders will feel the energy the Alpinestars design team brought into the gear which was inspired by custom kits created for professional MX/SX athletes including Jett Lawrence and Chase Sexton; Fluid Graphite will stun at the track with its refined style; Fluid Lurv takes the concept of custom kits for Jett Lawrence, Eli Tomac, and Chase Sexton, and brings them to the mainstream market. The ultimate goal for the Fluid Lurv Gear was to bring more impact into the design. The pants have a unique color-blocking striping effect on the rear with a wrapped Alpinestars wordmark accentuating the design. The clean racing look is an inspiration and a fantastic choice for riders looking to make a statement with bold, two-toned gear at the track.

The new MX24 Collection seems to be pretty cool with cool colors and different styles. I like both the Racer Tactical Camo and the Fluid Lurv gear. The gear is very light and the Mars Red White Fluid Lurv gearset is very light and has a cool color combination that looks a bit like the Swiss flag. I like that it looks good on the bike and stands out so everyone can see you. The new MX24 gear is super cool.– Jeremy Seewer 



The MX24 line shows Alpinestars' commitment to bringing stylish motocross gear designed for the female figure and offering optimal riding comfort and premium fit to women riders. The new Stella Techstar style provides with its racy multicolor effect was the design inspiration for a custom rainbow-colored kit that Jason Anderson will race in next year. The Stella Fluid Gear with its bold, curvy graphical lines, contrasting colors, and color gradation effects make the gear pop. Built with on-trend, technically advanced materials, the new Stella Techstar will stand out on track and accent the female figure to perfection.


The MX24 Footwear Line includes three important additions to the MX Boot Category including the Tech 3 Enduro Waterproof Boot, the Tech 3S Youth Boot, and the Tech 3S Kids Boot, all designed to offer premium protection, flexibility, optimal comfort, offering a vast array of graphics from traditional black white to white black rainbow, orange fluo enamel blue yellow fluo to name just a few. The MX24 Footwear Range has a variety of great new and vibrant colorways for the Tech 10 Superventeds which sees the addition of the night navy white rainbow boots, the Tech 10s with the new ultraviolet black and yellow fluo black red fluo boots, the Tech 7 Enduro and Enduro Drystar® with the light gray dark gray bright red and black night navy warm gray boots, the Tech 7s and the alpine blu night navy bright red and double purple white boots, and the myriad of new colorways for the Tech 5, Tech 3, and Tech 7S Boots. The new MX24 Boots will be available in the market in September.

“The purple Tech 10’s are a standout for me. I think we’ve made them look pretty good out there on the track already, so I’m digging them for sure.” – Jason Anderson
“The purple Tech 10’s are a standout for me. I think we’ve made them look pretty good out there on the track already, so I’m digging them for sure.” – Jason Anderson

The Tech 3 Enduro Waterproof Boots take the Tech 3s’ performance to the next level by adding wet-weather performance. A great option for those off-road and adventure riders looking for the ideal boot that offers flexibility, support, and protection, in addition to comfort. With its off-road-focused lugged sole, the Tech 3 Enduro offers wet-weather performance with a waterproof membrane. For those adventure riders living and riding in wet climates, the Tech 3 Enduro Waterproof Boot is a great choice to stay protected and dry.
Designed and developed for those young, little rippers, the Tech 3S Youth Boot offers high levels of protection, comfort, and increased flexibility.  With a lightweight microfiber upper, the boots are highly durable – ideal for protecting young riders as they learn to ride and emulate their heroes. Still featuring a one-piece, multi-density injected lower design and construction, the Tech 3S Youth Boots have a redesigned larger calf, a newly optimized shin closure flap, and a softened front shell and sole for easier toe flexion and feel. The design enhancements were completed to keep younger riders more comfortable, and in more control of the bike, as well as better protected while they’re developing valuable riding skills. Another added benefit is that Tech 3 Youth Boots sized 2 to 5 will also come with the insole size adjuster, allowing the boot to expand the size and have a longer life, providing extended usage as the young rider grows.
The Tech 3S Kids Boot was developed with direct feedback from young kids and MX riders testing the boot at the track to achieve the perfect level of flexibility and comfort. Like the Tech 3S Youth Boots, the Tech 3S Kids Boots will also come with the insole size adjuster to adapt the boot’s size as the child grows and provide parents with extra value on investment. The Tech 3 Kids Boot is the ideal protective off-road boot for kid riders with updated style and softened components. 


As part of the MX24 Collection, Alpinestars has designed a series of all-new protection additions and evolutions, as well as a brand-new protection category for the youngest of riders just getting started with a motorbike. The new Bionic Tech V3 Protection Jacket has been entirely evolved to provide extended and elevated protection with the ultimate in comfort. The Bionic Tech V3 features Alpinestars' Polyhedron Hybrid technology that offers unsurpassed levels of ventilation, flexibility, ultra-lightweight, and excellent upper body protection against impacts.
The new MX24 Protection Line introduces the A-5 Youth Chest Protector which incorporates the Polyhedron Hybrid technology, as well as the Youth Bionic Action Chest Protector featuring Nucleon Cell construction on the chest and back providing excellent impact protection with great breathability.


Alpinestars’ Protection Department performed extensive research and development to bring to market a first-of-its-kind with the all-new Bionic Kickstart Line. With younger riders getting started with riding at an earlier age, MX24 sees Alpinestars launching the new Kickstart line dedicated to kids ages 4-9 years old, with the introduction of the Bionic Kickstart Chest, Elbow, and Knee Protectors.
Protective, lightweight, and adaptive, the Kids’ Bionic Kickstart Chest, Back, and Shoulder Protector features semi-rigid TPR guards on the back and chest, plus shoulder cups with floating bicep guards, providing the widest coverage on the market. Plus, the chest has an adaptive V-shaped semi-floating construction that adapts to chest volume and movement, greatly improving the comfort and fit for different kids’ sizes. This protection offering is something unique to Alpinestars, and not present in the kid’s category found in any competitor products. The Kids Bionic Kickstart Elbow and Knee Guards are protective, lightweight, and soft, featuring flexible construction with a double strap closure offering a great range of adjustment even as they grow. With the new Bionic Kickstart Line, Alpinestars brings protection to kids, allowing them to enjoy the ride more while keeping them protected.


The new MX24 Gloves Line brings a great selection of unique vibrant designs and styles to the range with interesting graphic treatments and bold statements on the fingertips. Featuring designs optimized for the perfect blend of performance, protection, and ventilation the gloves are designed from advanced, stretch fabrics to offer great feeling on the bike’s controls. With conductive palms for flawless use with smartphones and other GPS touchscreen devices, the Techstar and Radar Gloves offer 15 new colorways to choose from. With stylish designs and vibrant colors for the complete glove range, MX24 additions include Techstar, Radar, Full Bore, Youth Radar, and Youth & Kids Full Bore Gloves.
With the new MX24 introductions, Alpinestars is enhancing its already extensive range of helmets, gear, and protection, and reinforcing its leadership position and commitment to product innovation and enhanced performance to motocross riders of all levels, especially to young kids, enabling riders to focus on their motorsport passion and enjoy the ride.

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