Guadalajara, Mexico (August 14, 2010) - A massive Mexican crowd was on hand as the ten world celebrities rode the motocross track of Guadalajara (Tlajomulco). In the first race, Sebastien Tortelli took the victory after a fierce battle with Stefan Everts, David Vuillemin and Sean Hamblin. After grabbing the holeshot, Vuillemin extended his advantage over the field on the first lap but Tortelli, Everts and Hamblin came back from behind and battled for the win. Unfortunately Doug Dubach crashed on the second lap and Jason Thomas’ bike broke and he was done for the day. For the last race of the weekend, it’s winner takes all, Tortelli, the French two times World Champion worked his way into the lead after the second lap, engaging in a great battle with Everts, Balbi and Huffman. The crowd loved it every second of it. The 2010 World Celebrities Motocross race is over but it will be back next year. See you in 2011.

Stefan Everts: “Unfortunately my start was not so good in the 2nd race. Sebastien pushed really hard in the first lap and it took me a while to pass Balbi. I had a very good weekend, the fans here in Mexico are awesome. I’ll be back next year if I’m invited.”

David Vuillemin: “I did two holeshots today. It was fun to race up front. I still had some problems with my front brake but that was ok. This event is about having fun you know. The track was very good, we were lucky with the weather. I’m glad I came and I will be back next year for sure.”

Damon Huffman: “I had lots of fun today. I gave everything I had for the last race of the day because I really wanted to be on the podium. I haven’t rode that hard for a very long time. I’m happy, it felt great to be out there. I signed lots of autographs, everybody is treating us well. Hopefully I’ll come back and do it all over again.”

Antonio Balbi: “I rode tight in the last race because Stefan Everts was behind me and I didn’t want to do anything stupid you know. He was riding better than me and passed me. That was a great weekend. I wish I could do that more often. It’s a pleasure to ride with those champions.”

Doug Dubach: “I crashed in the first race of the day so I don’t want to talk about it. During the 2nd race I did a little off track excursion, it was not really a crash. I went to 3rd to last. It doesn’t matter because I had fun. This whole event was great. It was a top-level organization. Thank you to Sebastien and all his Mexican crew.”

Sean Hamblin: “I had a great weekend. Everything was perfect. I love my Honda with the 420 number on it. I hope I can keep it for next year. No just kidding. I cant’ complain because we had an awesome time together with Sebastien, Stefan, DV, etc. I enjoyed to be with 10 great riders and having a good time on the track for the crowd. I can’t wait to come back to Guadalajara next year.”

Jason Thomas: “I didn’t have the best bike obviously. We rode a lot and lots of things broke on it. I didn’t want to take a chance getting hurt so I didn’t ride the last moto. Too bad because it was very entertaining and I would have liked to be part of it. I’ll do better next year.”

1. Sebastien Tortelli ; 2. Stefan Everts ; 3. Damon Huffman ; 4. Sean Hamblin ; 5. David Vuillemin ; 6. Antonio Balbi ; 7. Doug Dubach ; 8. Pedro Gonzalez ; 9. Adrian Roberts ; 10. Jason Thomas.

1. Sebastien Tortelli ; 2. Stefan Everts ; 3. Antonio Balbi ; 4. Damon Huffman ; 5. Damon Huffman ; 6. Doug Dubach ; 7. Pedro Gonzalez ; 8. David Vuillemin ; 9. Adrian Roberts ; 10. Jason Thomas (DNS).

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