Honda Red Bull Racing’s Kevin Windham is already well-respected and adored among motocross fans for the many years of his impressive career and the Steel City crowd was more than happy to remind him of that after his overall win last weekend. We have covered Kevin for most of his professional career and couldn’t be more proud of the capable veteran. We’ll see what his latest plans are after the outdoors season concludes next weekend.

Troy Lee Designs Honda’s Ben Townley has had an eventful return to racing this summer. Flashes of brilliance mixed with some bad luck and decisions have the Kiwi wondering what could have been. But with all things considered, and the length of time away from racing, he can certainly take away some positive things and move forward. BT always makes for a fun interview and we’ll see how many questions we can get in before he hangs up on us.

Fewer people have been around longer or contributed as much to the sport as KTM’s Selvaraj "Sel" Narayana. Sel is a respected peer and has held just about every job in the industry throughout his forty plus years around dirt bikes. He is currently KTM’s Director of Logistics and Operations in India, Sales Manager in Asia, along with being responsible for new business development and projects. He has been recognized many times for his work in the sport, including the prestigious Vintage Iron Lifetime Achievement Award, which was presented to him by his good friend, Roger DeCoster. Sel has known Roger since 1969 when he worked for Maico and could not be more pleased to be working with him in the near future. We have a lot to cover with Sel tonight and look forward to catching up with him before the globetrotter takes a jet somewhere else cool.

I first heard about Ricky James from David Bailey. He told me to keep an eye on this fast kid coming up through the ranks. It turns out that Ricky’s impressive speed on a bike isn’t, and never was, his best quality. He continues to be a source of inspiration after his spinal injury to many people and doesn’t know what it’s like to settle or give up. He has conquered the Ironman, competed in the X Games, and raced badass trucks since his injury. He will be competing in the Cross Over Challenge at Pala this weekend so we wanted to catch up with him tonight. Also, check out his site with a cool new t-shirt line appropriately named at to get yours now!
Wednesday 8-10pm EST
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