WP Suspension is on a mission – a mission to innovate. It is in this spirit that WP presents what is new and exciting in the next generation of Cone Valve and Supertrax technology for MX and Enduro applications. The outstanding range of WP PRO COMPONENTS is available soon at WP Authorized Centers around the U.S. and Canada, and are poised to set the standard as the stand-out products in the latest offroad racing and sports technology.

WP XACT PRO 7548 fork & XPLOR PRO 7548 fork  

The all new WP XACT PRO 7548 and WP XPLOR PRO 7548 are designed and developed with performance and technology in mind. The forks have attributes straight from Factory Racing such as updated Cone Valve design, longer length, more stroke and an ultra-hard chrome to further reduce friction and improve bottoming resistance. The Cone Valve technology is a unique valving system which offers virtually unlimited damping performance superior to the conventional compromise between enough comfort and bottoming resistance. The Cone Valve technology, made from the highest quality materials, eliminates this compromise and provides outstanding damping in any situation. The unlimited opening up of the WP Cone Valve reduces harshness to provide additional comfort also with a harder set-up. 




WP XACT PRO 7448 Air Fork

The WP XACT PRO 7448 fork unites two of WP’s best technologies – the Cone Valve damping system and the AER spring system. The Cone Valve damping leg is an evolution of the traditional Cone Valve fork, and damping is optimized in combination with an AER spring leg. The AER technology saves up to 2.2 lbs and is developed for maximum possible performance, almost unlimited configurations and effortless handling. Two separate chambers facilitate optimal initial response and bottoming control for the AER spring setup. 


WP XACT PRO 8950 shock & XPLOR PRO 8950 shock

KTM factory riders’ multiple world championship titles are the best recommendation for the WP XACT PRO 8950 Shock Absorbers. They represent the most innovative shock absorbers on the market and feature the all new Supertrax technology which allows adjustment to the high- and low-speed rebound damping via the TXN adjuster (traction adjuster). WP has developed the Supertrax system, which allows additional fine tuning of the shock to allow maximum traction while maintaining comfort and bottoming resistance. The technology delivers a smoother, more confident and comfortable ride. Also included on the WP XACT PRO 8950 and XPLOR PRO 8950 shock is an integrated gear driven pre-load adjuster to facilitate easy and hassle-free sag adjustment on the motorcycle. 



Separate high- and low-speed rebound adjustment.

Pricing to be announced soon!

The entire PRO COMPONENTS product range is available through the official WP Suspension Authorized Center network and is available for delivery by the middle of May.

You can locate a WP Authorized Center HERE. Or view a full range of WP PRO COMPONENTS at

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Klinger Klinger 5/3/2019 4:42 PM

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I purchased forks and shock XPlor Pro and they were $7500 plus tax.
Mine are black as opposed to the pics in this post. Will ride Friday and comment.

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In the past, they have been. Unless WP has decided not to do that for 2020 and the future, I don't see why they would change that. We had the cone valve fork and trax shock on our 2019 RM-Z450, but that was before they were called XACT and it wasn't the new Supertrax shock.

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