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VP Racing Fuels: Stay Frosty Race Ready Coolant helps you win!

Bill Dill and his team recently decided to put Stay Frosty Race Ready to the test

Racing engines operate under constant stress, high RPMs, and produce lots of heat. The more horsepower they produce, the more heat they generate. Having a high-quality coolant is vital for keeping your motorcycle engine temps at optimal levels so that you can stay on the course.

Stay Frosty® Race Ready Coolant is a proprietary glycol-free formula designed by VP Racing Fuels for high-heat, high-compression racing engines. It contains a special blend of heat transfer agents that drastically improves the coolant’s ability to transfer heat away from high-temperature cylinder heads. In fact, Stay Frosty can reduce engine temps by up to 30°F compared to conventional glycol-based coolant. But don’t just take our word for it.

Bill Dill is a lifelong motocross racer. The Massachusetts native started racing locally when he was 10 years old and won his first championship at the age of 15. He qualified for several nationals, performing well enough to earn an AMA national number of 93. He later started a pro team, 3D Racing, which has been going strong for more than 20 years.

Dill and his team recently decided to put Stay Frosty Race Ready to the test on a brand-new Yamaha YZ250F engine that had never before been run. They put the bike on the dyno with the original factory coolant. Using a heat gun, they took measurements of the hoses, radiator tanks, and the cylinder head itself. After recording the results, they swapped out the factory coolant with Stay Frosty and ran through the same battery of tests again.

To his pleasant surprise, Dill said he and his team recorded engine temperatures that were 20 degrees lower when compared to the dyno tests that used the original factory coolant.

Stay Frosty Race Ready increases the density of the air/fuel mixture and allows ignition timing to be safely advanced without the threat of detonation. As a result, you get more horsepower and torque. Furthermore, Stay Frosty is 100% water-based and biodegradable. It’s ready to use straight from the bottle, offers no freeze protection, and affords for maximum cooling.

VP engineers Race Ready to prevent corrosion and electrolysis for all metals, especially aluminum and alloys. It’s designed from chemically stabilized reverse osmosis water, which is capable of rejecting heavy metals, dissolved organics, and other contaminants that are dissolved in water. Many racers use distilled water as a coolant, but distilled water doesn’t lower engine temperatures to the same degree as Stay Frosty, and it offers no protection against corrosion.

When results matter, VP Stay Frosty Race Ready Coolant helps you win!

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