A project created to share the stories and infinitely relatable reasons we all love to ride.

MCKINNEY, Texas — Seat Time is proud to announce the creation of Why I Ride, a project that draws inspiration from a love of all things two-wheels with the intent to share the stories and infinitely relatable reasons why others love to ride. 

The inspiration for Why I Ride began when Seat Time founder and Purveyor of Awesome, Brian Pierce, asked himself, “Why do I ride?” His answer? I Ride to Feel Free. 

For Pierce, riding is a way to attain finite focus while also not thinking. It’s a way to get lost while still following the trail—a way to go fast or go slow; to ride for hours or sprint for 15 minutes. To make choices for himself when riding gives him the ability to feel free.

I Ride to Feel Free

Why Do You Ride?

We all ride for different reasons. With the Why I Ride Project, Seat Time wants to collect those stories and share them with the world. “I want riders worldwide to see we are one big connected family,” explains Pierce. “Whether on the track or trail or bench racing with friends and family on long weekends. The result is the Why I Ride Inspiration Design Award. A way for us to bench race on a global scale, help bring riders together and stoke the fires that keep us searching for the next two-wheel experience. The question is, Why Do YOU Ride? Share your story with us, and you may be the inspiration for our next t-shirt design.”

Want to share the reason you love to ride? Head over to Seattime.co and fill-out the Why I Ride submission form. After combing through the submissions, Seat Time will reach out to potential winners and start collaborating.

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