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Polisport Plastics - New "Metal Flow" Colors 1


Polisport Plastics - New "Metal Flow" Colors

Polisport Plastics, the worldwide leader in off-road Performance Plastics and Accessories, is excited to release new Metal Flow Complete Plastic Kits for for KTM SX and SX-F models. These new Special Colors will give your ride an exclusive look that will stand out on and off the track. 


Gold Metal Flow


Blue Metal Flow

About Polisport Plastics: Many stand out, but only a few have a real winning formula. For Polisport, it's our exclusive technologies that set us apart from the competition. All of our products feature a tried and true formula that combines durability with design and outstanding performance. After 40 years in the off-road business, we continue to strive every day to improve performance. We make performance plastics!


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