February 26, 2019 – Advertising in MXGP and MXoN is our biggest news in the begin of 2019!

As an American company, we want to make name all over the world as ‘The Leader in Grip Technology’. This is not just a slogan to us. Over the past 25 years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best there is to offer in our products. This includes our proprietary compounds which have been extensively researched and tested by top athletes around the world to ensure that they provide the highest level of comfort and longevity possible. We are also the innovators of the Lock-On Grip system, which innovated the way in which grips are installed and secured to the handlebars and is becoming the worldwide standard for grips. This is also the reason that we have chosen to continue producing our products exclusively in the USA in our own facility. We remain dedicated to maintaining the highest possible product quality facilitated by our long term relationships we have developed with our suppliers. And now Technical Touch reached out to us, to take part in an agreement with YouthStream. We will be more visible on the side of the tracks and even on the MXGP-TV feed for the next two years. We want to make name in MXGP and MXoN, so this was a logical choice for us. We are ready to up our game and strive to be the top innovator of grips and handlebars production worldwide. With our online webshop we are ready to conquer the MX sector, and we are planning to expand our reach into Europe and the MX world. We already have big names riding in America such as Blake Baggett, Dylan Ferrandis and Justin Bogle. With our quality equipment, we keep innovating the market with new ideas and techniques. So ODI grips and handlebars are never a bad choice. We believe the future will bring more opportunities like this advertising agreement for us, thus we are convinced that the name ODI will be well known in MX in the future.  ODI-Observe, Design, Innovate.  

Check the official MXGP announcement here!

Find out more about ODI on their website.

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