IRVINE, Calif. (November 27, 2007) – Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green racers captured a total of 20 championships during the 36th Annual Winter National Olympics in Gainesville, Fla., earning Kawasaki more titles than any other manufacturer at Gatorback Cycle Park.

Team Green’s domination started early in the week with the supercross portion of the competition. Xtreme Team Green rider PJ Larsen, of Stanley, N.C., won each moto in the 125 A Expert Modified and 250-500 A Expert Modified classes to earn two championships.

“It felt pretty good to win at this race,” said Larsen. “I had some ups and downs but everyone was working really hard to make sure everything was just right. Xtreme Team Green has done a great job of helping me reach my goals for this year.”

Adam Cianciarulo also turned out a dominating performance aboard his Kawasaki KX™85, winning every moto in the 85 (7-11) Stock and Modified classes, taking two championships of his own. Not to be outdone, Lowell Spangler, of Lebanon, Pa., took the 250 B Modified championship after winning each of his motos aboard his Kawasaki KX450F.

Other Kawasaki supercross championships included Matt Tedder, of Surfside, Calif., with the Plus 45 championship and Keith Johnson, of Carver, Mass., with the Plus 25 and Plus 30 championships, bringing the total supercross championships to nine.

In addition to proving their supercross skills, the riders moved to the motocross track for the remainder of the week. Kawasaki riders Justin Bogle, of Cushing, Okla., Justin Summers, of Milton, Fla., and Zach Bell, of Cairo, Ga., swept the podium in the 85 (12-13) Stock class with Bogle taking the championship.

After earning two championships in the supercross competition, Larsen earned another pair of championships in the 125 A Expert Stock and 250 A Expert Modified classes, along with the prestigious CTI Ironman award. Xtreme Team Green teammate Dean Wilson, of San Jacinto, Calif., earned a championship of his own in the 250 B Stock class. Spangler added to his championship wins with great performances in the Four-Stroke and 250 B Modified classes.

Kawasaki also collected championships with the help of Michael Fowler, of Beech Creek, Pa., in the 250 C Stock class, Mike Treadwell, of Dixfield, Maine, in the Plus 25 class, Johnson again in the Plus 30 and Plus 35 classes, and Tedder again in the Plus 45 class. With the motocross championship count at 12, the total championships earned for Kawasaki came to 21 in all.

“It’s a great start to the season for our new list of 2008 riders,” said Team Green Amateur Motocross Supervisor Dave Gowland. “We had an awesome week and want to continue with the formula that has helped us have a higher chance of winning at each national. Team Green has shown they are able to be on top and we’re looking forward to Lake Whitney.”

The next national amateur motocross race is the Lake Whitney Spring National, which takes place in Lake Whitney, Texas beginning March 11, 2008.

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2007 Winter National Olympics
Gainsville, Fla.
November 17-24, 2007

Kawasaki SX Championships

Sara Price – Women’s 99cc and up
Adam Cianciarulo – 85 (7-11) Stock and 85 (7-11) Modified
Keith Johnson – Plus 25 and Plus 30
PJ Larsen – 125 A Expert Modified and 250-500 A Expert Modified
Matt Tedder – Plus 45
Lowell Spangler – 250 Modified

Kawasaki MX Championships

PJ Larsen – 125 A Expert Stock and 250 A Expert Modified
Justin Bogle – 85 (12-13) Stock
Mike Treadwell – Plus 25
Keith Johnson – Plus 30 and Plus 35
Dean Wilson – 250 B Stock
Lowell Spangler – Four-Stroke and 250 B Modified
Matt Tedder – Plus 45
Michael Fowler – 250 C Stock

PJ Larsen – CTI Ironman Award

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