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We're On Hookit - Join The MindFx Mafia

November 16, 2017 (Murrieta, CA) - MindFX Science, the industry leader in organic sports supplements, wants you to join their team of winning athletes, the MindFx Mafia, with an all-new sponsorship program powered by Hookit.

Once known as Motocross and Cycling's "Best Kept Secret", MindFx is now available to athletes around the world. Get a winner's mindset when you join the MindFx Mafia! 

"It's like race fuel for your body!"


MindFx Science is the world's premier sport supplement designed to increase focus and reduce fatigue during activities with high-intensity. We've developed our products with insight from elite sports trainer Aldon Baker and athletes who've won over 20 championships since 2012. MindFx has been tested with feedback from world-class athletes, and offers an all-natural formula that's proven to "Fuel Your Mind" and your body on the toughest training days and on the top step of the podium.

  • Essential Nutrients For Athletes
  • Increases Blood Flow & Oxygen
  • Boosts Focus & Concentration
  • Promotes A Well Balanced Mind 
  • Perform At Peak Levels
  • Keeps Your Head In The Race
  • Ride Longer, Faster, Safer
  • Fuel For The Mind & Muscles
  • Synchronize Mind & Body 
  • Reduce Stress & Improve Alertness 

Winning starts in the MIND. Our Mental Focus Formula is composed of natural herbs, vitamins, and organic beet juice powder which creates a powerful supplement to achieve maximum alertness while minimizing body fatigue.

MindFX Science - Fuel For The Mind

MINDFX™ Science is the first company to offer a healthy line of natural and organic vitamin infused supplements for athletes, college students, professional men & women and video gamers. MINDFX™ Science products were developed to deliver peak alertness, concentration, focus, and reduced body fatigue. All the energy with no crash and no jitters.

"MindFx creates a winning mindset!"


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