Mad Skills Motocross 2’s vurbmoto Flash Jam Begins 1

500cc Two-Stroke Introduced as Bike 13

Mad Skills Motocross 2’s vurbmoto Flash Jam Begins


Mad Skills Motocross 2 was released more than six years ago, and by all standards it’s been a smash hit. Every racer you know has likely played the game at one point or another, and that’s resulted in more than 50 million installs of the iOS/Android game. Even all these years later, Mad Skills still has nearly 150,000 people playing it every day. Consider this: Mad Skills races have been started (and re-started) more than 50 billion times. 

With the news that the release of Mad Skills Motocross 3 has been delayed, developer Turborilla is releasing a unique event in Mad Skills Motocross 2 in conjunction with the crew at, and today is the first round. You don’t want to miss this.

It’s the vurbmoto Flash Jam, and you can play it for free simply by updating your game on the App Store or Google Play. It’s a seven-day event. Each day is a separate round with its own track, designed by the top track builders in the game. You get 24 hours to set the best time you can on each track. At the end of each round, times will be uploaded to, converted into points, and there will be a points-paying series in which players compete. See more details on how this works on their website

Fun in-game prizes are up for grabs for all players every day. All you have to do is log 100 attempts on each track to unlock the day’s prize. Mad Skills has invited Thor Racing’s Hallman brand into the event to make things extra legit and add a bit of retro flavor. Here are the in-game items that can be unlocked for free:


Day 1 (Sept. 21): vurbmoto Reboot Gear
Day 2 (Sept. 22): Hallman Tapd Gear 
Day 3 (Sept. 23): vurbmoto Viva Helmet
Day 4 (Sept. 24): Hallman McCoy Helmet
Day 5 (Sept. 25): Hallman Ringer Gear
Day 6 (Sept. 26): vurbmoto Platinum Helmet
Day 7 (Sept. 27): vurbmoto Galaxy Gear

In conjunction with the vurbmoto Flash Jam, Mad Skills Motocross 2 is releasing the first new bike in the game in more than a year. Bike 13 is a modern 500cc two-stroke monster that produces as much power as even the best player can handle. It can be unlocked for free with a series of in-game achievements or purchased outright. There’s even a vintage skin you can pick up for it in the in-game shop.



Finally, the Turborilla crew will be running a daily live video feed of their Turborilla Show, where they will break down each day’s track. Today’s episode, which starts at 5 pm EST, features none other than Star Racing Yamaha’s Justin Cooper, who also happens to be one of the fastest Mad Skills Motocross 2 players in the world. He’ll show you how it’s done while taking your questions, so it’s a cool opportunity to talk to one of the top young riders in the sport.

If you haven’t played Mad Skills in a while, or if you never have, now is the time to dust off your boots, install or update the game, and pop some wheelies in the biggest mobile motocross game of all time.

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