Orlando, FL (March 30, 2011) - On Monday, March 27, at 4:50 p.m., James Stewart was arrested for allegedly impersonating a police officer.  The incident occurred on Florida’s Highway 417 in Orlando, as Stewart was taking a friend to the airport to catch his flight.  According to police reports, Stewart allegedly used his vehicle lights and red and blue lights to slow down a vehicle containing off duty police officers that had passed his vehicle.  Stewart was in street clothes and never exited his vehicle during the incident.  No confrontation or exchange of words between the officers and Stewart occurred.  Stewart was not charged with any dangerous driving or any other negative action.   The police report is clear that once Stewart slowed the police officers’ vehicle that he then drove towards the airport; several miles later, Stewart and his friend were pulled over at the airport where they fully cooperated with police. 

Stewart is extremely sorry that the incident occurred and that any negative inferences may arise that reflect poorly on his fans, his team, or his sponsors.  Stewart will continue working with authorities to resolve the incident quickly.   

In James’ words:  “Thanks to all that are standing by me.   I hope to resolve this incident quickly and show people that I am someone that upholds the law and someone they can respect as a competitor and as a person.” 

Stewart is free to race and is preparing for this weekend’s Supercross race in Arlington, Texas.  He and his team will continue competing in the remainder of the Supercross series. 

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  • Samurai242

    4/1/2011 11:07 AM

    James is a Champ and a positive character on the sport. The problem comes when someone acts irrational and makes a stupid move and says a 2 line statement after letting his publicist apologize for him. If the AMA is a true sporting organization they need to take a more proactive role in this situation too. The popularity of the sport is growing and if they don't take some kind of action, respect for the AMA, dirt bike kids, off-road riders will diminish as it did when the world was over run by the rebellious (non law abiding) freestyle movement. NFL, NHL, NASCAR, PGA, NBA, NCAA wouldn't tolerate this at all. It's too bad the AMA is going to let him get away with it over ticket sales.

  • chronicmx

    3/31/2011 10:53 AM

    RIGHT ON! When I was recently in his home town...i noticed that the locals look up to him like a HERO! They absolutely love him and love that someone in their neighborhood rose to stardom. He invites just about any one of them to the races with free travel, free tcikets, VIP passes... then gives them signed jerseys, free lunch and a seat in the JS7 pits. Doesnt sound like an EGO to me?

  • mxracervest.com

    3/31/2011 10:41 AM

    That's pretty funny, just because someone can afford a lambo and they drive it to the convenience store all of sudden it makes them have a big ego? Last time i checked, your intitled to drive what ever you want, this is the United States where you have the right to drive what ever the Fuct you want! I don't think it makes everyone your hometown feel like shit, and if it does sounds like you need to get a better job, so you can quit whinning like a little baby! waaaaaaaaa!

  • chronicmx

    3/31/2011 9:05 AM

    LOL...hondarredrider...you have alot to learn buddy. Are you 16? TODD POTTER is the DEFINITION of EGO, not James Stewart! You obviously dont know James personally and have never spent time with him or his family. If you did, you'd admit he has no ego. So...you think that b/c he buys fancy cars he has an EGO?? Grow up...he buys fancy cars b/c he's loaded and he likes fancy cars! If you made 20 Million and liked nice cars...would you have fancy cars? Of course you would...but I bet you'll say no...that you'd still be driving a junker and would stay in a mobile home. LOL. There are tons of mx riders with 100X BIGGER EGOS out there THAT HAVE NO MONEY AT ALL. Get it yet? Anyway, of course James is a target now from dingbats like you after making an honest mistake...#1 is always a target. Surely you are not concerned about what guys like Jlaw do for the sport

  • hondaredrider

    3/31/2011 8:48 AM

    @chronicmx...really? a class act? this is the kind of shit 16 year olds pull... u know mxers who would waste millions on their egos? i think js7 is THE DEFTINTION of that...hey dad lets go down to the convenience store I'll drive my lambo and u drive yours just cuz we can and we'll make veryone else in our hometown feel a little more like shit

  • normanmx

    3/31/2011 8:19 AM

    Whatever...this is still going to hurt him bad.

  • mxnut23

    3/31/2011 5:44 AM

    I agree it was a dumb mistake but think about this, the government and the CPSC want to take bikes away from kids and this isn't going to help. Just imagine what a non riding person is thinking when they open the sports page and see this story. We as motorcyclists don't need to be cast in a negative light, we need positive stories in the main stream media. I think, for me, this is the issue not the James made a poor choice.

  • skidsteer16

    3/31/2011 1:48 AM

    These posts are refreshing! Go JS7!

  • xmotocrossbum

    3/30/2011 8:52 PM

    Your a great person James, and you are human I made my share of mistakes or gotten in to situation's I wish I had never got in to and did the best to make things right for every one involved good luck James keep up the hard work and let's see where you are at when the season ends thank you and all the other racers for a great season so far .

  • mxracervest.com

    3/30/2011 8:51 PM

    Just Haters out there. Go Stewart!

  • dub161

    3/30/2011 6:26 PM


  • chronicmx

    3/30/2011 5:18 PM

    Any idiot that tries to continually bash Stewart over this incident needs to just get on with life. Stewart is a Champion, a class act and has always been a great role model for MX. What is honestly most impressive is how tight, supportive, disciplined and loyal his family is....something that America could definitely use more of...solid family values. The Stewarts have them. So he made a big mistake with this incident, and a dumb one too...but life goes on and just like he came back from his crash at Daytona like a true Champ...this will be no different. He is the type that will learn from this. He is no J Law, no dummie, no bad boy, no druggie and never will be! He's a kid that loves MX, loves the sport, loves his fans, has solid values...and ahhh, made one mistake with the law in 25 years of success...more than most mulit millionaire 25 year old can say! I know MX'ers who would waste that mulit-million on Ego's and drugs...not james. I hope he wins this weekend!

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