Vital MX: We just received word that Justin Barcia will unfortunately not be aboard his new JGR Suzuki RM-Z450 come Anaheim 1. Hopefully we see him back at the races after only a few rounds off, but ultimately it sounds like Justin will take his needed time. Get well soon! Scroll below for the details of Barcia's injury.

Press Release: "Justin Barcia will miss the opening rounds of the Monster Energy Supercross series due to a wrist injury. Justin had high expectations for the 2017 Supercross season on the JGRMX Suzuki, and is extremely disappointed to miss the start of the series. The injury occurred several weeks ago when a chain failure in the whoops sent Justin over the bars. Justin consulted with his surgeon in Florida, who ordered multiple radiological studies which revealed a fracture of his lunate bone, as well as ligament damage. While it was determined that surgery would not be necessary, the injury requires time off the bike to allow for proper healing. Justin said “I am so disappointed to have this wrist injury, especially now, but I’m glad that surgery is not necessary”. Justin will maintain a rigorous off-bike training protocol to allow him to join the series as soon as he is cleared by his team of doctors. Justin is extremely anxious to compete on the JGRMX Suzuki, but he will have to wait for the appropriate time to make his 2017 debut. Justin will be at Anaheim this weekend for press events and to support JGRMX Suzuki as they kick off the start of another exciting season. He wishes to thank his team, sponsors and all his fans for their support through this time."

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  • colorado2day

    1/4/2017 9:54 AM

    I gotta agree with Mr. Trickle. Shouldnt happen and a silly place to save weight.
    Saving weight on rotating tires and wheels would make more sense.

  • truebanchi

    1/4/2017 5:35 AM

    RacerX is reporting Weimer will be filling in for JB

  • motomike137

    1/4/2017 3:57 AM


  • manandmachine

    1/3/2017 11:17 PM

    Enter JS7. Bury the hatchet. It's a win, win. James is still on the bike he prefers and rights his former decision to leave JGR because of "the bike" while bringing JGR its first championship.

    James retires at the end of 2017 with redemption and honor.

    Ride on James!

  • Gman776

    1/4/2017 6:02 AM

    James couldn't win a race much less a championship he hasn't been in good enough shape to win a race in years I'm not a James hater either I'm just being realistic.

  • colorado2day

    1/3/2017 10:57 PM

    Was it the same hand he injured in 2016 ?
    Caused by a chain failure ? Masterlink, chainguide, incorrect tension ? Chains dont just fail. Sucks for JB and JGR

  • ML512

    1/3/2017 10:59 PM

    The on-off torque produced by whoop sections and on-offs is hell on the lightweight chains the race teams run. There's usually one or two of these every season.

  • Dick Trickle

    1/4/2017 9:44 AM

    I am hearing it, but the excuse sounds lame. I can understand the teams running non oring chains to save weight but chain failures shouldn't happen these days with the technology and metallurgy that goes into making a top notch race chain. I bet the top guys replace them every few hours.... Sucks for Barcia and should never of happened with a top team...

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