Get To Know Katie Benson- Breaking Glass Ceilings

At the young age of thirteen, amateur Supercross and Motocross racer, Katie Benson, is already becoming a household name. As an icon for young women and racers everywhere, Katie pushes herself in every race, working her way up the classes and claiming more trophies and titles as she goes. After racing with boys and becoming the first girl to quality for Loretta’s Lynn National, Benson and her Yamaha have no intention of slowing down anytime soon. Working towards more titles while juggling her personal life and school, Katie shows young athletes all over the country how to keep fighting for their dreams.

Q: Thanks for chatting with us to today, Katie. What sparked your interest in racing as a young girl?

A: I was always at the track when I was younger with my dad and sister racing so it was just something I always wanted to do. I hope that other girls see me race and it gives them the confidence to race too.

Q: Getting started at such a young age and garnering success early on must give you a busy day, walk us through a normal day as Katie Benson- how does it differ from a lot of other kids your age?

A: I get up to go for a light jog and stretch in the morning to warm up for my day. Then I get geared up to ride in the afternoon. After that I go to the gym to work out and at night I do my schoolwork before I go to bed to do that again the next day.

Q: What has your favorite race been thus far?

A: My favorite race has probably been 2016 Mini O's in the Girls’ Sr. 12-16 class because of the tough competition and fun racing, I am the youngest in the class. The talent is much deeper and they have more experience.

Q: In 2015, you became the only girl to ever qualify for Loretta’s Lynn National in consecutive years in the same boy’s class, tell us more about that day and how you felt after achieving something so great.

A: It started in 2014 when I became the youngest girl to ever qualify on an 85. The competition was tough and I didn't even think I made it but when scores came out I found out I made it. I was very surprised and excited.  It gave me a lot of confidence. The boys are definitely more aggressive especially since I'm racing in the older classes now.

Q: That’s a wonderful accomplishment, how have your sponsors helped you along the way?

A: My sponsors helped me get over the hurdles of training and racing. I always use (Bel-Ray’s) Gear Saver Oil, Silicone Detailer, Bike Wash, Racing Brake Fluid and many other products.  I think the 6 in 1 really has over 60 different uses. The Bike Wash and detailer always make my bike look great. The Brake Fluid keeps my brakes working longer. 

Q: It’s always great to have the support of your sponsors, what are you expectations heading into 2017?

A: I expect to win more titles in the Girls’ Sr. class and to start practicing on the big bike for women's class. To train and perform at a top level it requires only the best products to keep my bike at the top level so my sponsors are definitely a big help in that.

Q: What advice would you give to other young athletes aspiring for the same level of success you’ve had?

A: Believe in yourself, work hard and never give up no matter how hard it gets.

Katie Benson continues to inspire young, aspiring athletes every day. Working hard to achieve her dreams, Katie dedicates her spare time and energy into her passion for racing. For more information on what products Katie uses, please visit

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