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First Look - Kawasaki's First Electric Bike | Elektrode

Check out Kawasaki's latest product, aimed towards the youngest of little rippers.

After a bit of teasing, Kawasaki has finally revealed their first ever electric bike. Well, sort of. Kawasaki is moving along with the times and creating a new electric balance bike to help get riders on bikes sooner, safely, and with a lot of fun factor. Scroll below to learn more about the all-new Elektrode balance bike.

Kawasaki’s first-ever electric vehicle—the Elektrode balance bike—is the perfect introduction to motorcycling for young riders. Its light weight, low center of gravity and parent-selectable speed modes make provide plenty of peace of mind as kids make their first steps toward becoming riders. Plus it’s designed and built by Kawasaki especially for young riders, so you know that the Elektrode offers the build quality and reliability for which the Kawasaki brand is known.




Motor - Air-Cooled, Brushless, In-wheel

Motor Output - 250 W

Battery Type - Lithium-ion

Battery Voltage/Capacity Running Time - 36 V, 5.1 Ah 150+ hours

Front Tire Size -  2.125 x 16

Rear Tire Size - 2.125 x 16

Brake Type - Rear Mechanical Disc

Wheelbase - 32.8 in.

Overall Length - 48.6 in.

Overall Width - 22.9 in.

Overall Height - 30.2 in.

Seat Height Adjustable - 16.1-20.5 in.

Curb Weight - 32.0 lb.


Brushless In-Wheel Motor

Electric power is delivered in a smooth, linear way to give aspiring riders a mild, predictable feel of acceleration, which gradually builds confidence and provides a progressive experience of how fun bikes can be to control when the power kicks in.

  • The 250-watt electric motor is located in the rear wheel, contributing to a low center of gravity and ideal balance for light steering feel and easy turning and leaning.
  • The motor is completely sealed with no moving parts, which helps prevent water intrusion to increase durability.
  • Quiet electric operation contributes to the non-intimidating package and allows backyard riding without disturbing the neighbors.

Powerful Battery

The large-capacity battery offers ample riding time without the need to change batteries mid-session, and being housed in the frame it is protected from day-to-day wear and tear and potential damage for added durability.

  • The lithium-ion battery provides approximately 2.5 hours of running time from a single charge†, requires 2.5 hours for a full recharge, and will power the Elektrode to approximately nine miles on a single charge. Running time varies based on rider weight, speed, and riding conditions.
  • The Elektrode is equipped with an auto-sleep feature that shuts off the power after 10 minutes of inactivity, preserving usable battery time.
  • The battery can be charged via a charging cable that conveniently connects between the front of the bike and any home outlet. It can be also charged from a car, camper or side by side vehicle so it can be ready to go even in remote locations.
  • Housed within the aluminum frame, the battery is shielded from dirt, dust and rocks. The frame also helps protect it from potential damage from falls or hard use by kids, adding to the overall lifespan of the battery.

Three Speed Modes with Passcode Parental Lock

Parents can control power output with the Elektrode’s selectable speed modes. The lowest speed can work as a great introduction, and as kids gain confidence parents can increase the power to keep the ride fun and attuned to each child’s level.

  • Three speed modes – Low, approximately 4.8 mph; Mid, approximately 7.2 mph; and High, approximately 12.6 mph – can be selected using an easy-to-use LCD screen on the handlebars. For added safety, the speed modes can only be changed with the vehicle is stopped.
  • A parental lock with a passcode allows only parents to change speed modes, preventing kids from adding in too much power too soon.
  • Power can also be completely turned off so that the Elektrode can be use used as a balance bike.

Rugged Aluminum Frame

Kawasaki’s renowned build quality ensures that the Elektrode can stand up to hard use by kids. An aluminium frame, steel fork, and Kawasaki-crafted parts throughout add up to a tough package.

  • Lightweight yet strong aluminum frame is durable for regular hard use, but light enough for kids to easily pick up from the ground.
  • Highly rigid steel front fork offers a solid feel and lets young riders easily get the feel of steering the bike.
  • Compact wheelbase contributes to easy handling.
  • Handlebar and front wheel can be easily removed for easy transport in compact vehicles.

Large Disc Brake

  • A 160mm rear-mounted mechanical disc brake, controlled by a lever on the left handlebar, provides a stable, easy-to-use brake that allows riders to learn how to stop and regulate their speed, two important skills to master that can be carried over when stepping up to a bigger bike.

Sturdy Wheels & Tires

  • Cast-aluminium wheels designed by Kawasaki specifically for the Elektrode are light and are more durable than spoked or plastic wheels.
  • 16-inch wheels paired with a low seat height provide smaller riders the increased stability that larger wheels offer, and remove the need to upgrade from a 12-inch to a 16-inch machine as the rider grows.
  • Knobby tires provide excellent traction on various surfaces.


The Elektrode is sized to accommodate riders from ages 3 to 8, with a highly adjustable ERGO-FIT® seat height and a frame sized to accommodate it, which are paired with 16-inch wheels that work well for children of many sizes. The result is a machine that does not need to be upgraded to a larger model as the rider grows.

  • Adjustable seat height is 16.1 inches at the lowest point and 20.5 inches at the highest, accommodating 3- to 8-year-olds between 37 and 55 inches tall and weighing under 99 pounds.
  • Folding steel footpegs with rubber pads as used on Kawasaki’s full-sized motorcycles are rugged and resist damage., They can also be folded up and out of the way to allow the rider to use the Elektrode as a balance bike.
  • Handlebar design contributes to an upright riding position, while leaving plenty of room for the knees of growing young riders.
  • Handlebar and seat component sizes are common with many standard bicycle parts for those who want to further customize the fit, feel and appearance of the Elektrode.

KXTM Motorcycle-Inspired Styling

Designed to look more like a full-fledged motorcycle than a toy the Elektrode is reminiscent of Kawasaki’s KX motocross models kids can see in posters, magazines and Kawasaki’s factory racing team on TV.

  • KX-style front number plate enhances the Elektrode’s race-inspired design.
  • In-frame battery mount provides smooth, clean lines for simple, sporty looks.
  • Color and graphics matching Kawasaki’s off-road lineup provide a feeling of excitement that riders are on a bike similar to the pros or their parents.


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