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Be a MX Coach Launches Professional Coaching Certification Program

Be a MX Coach Launches Professional Coaching Certification Program

The Be a MX Coach Professional Coaching Certification program’s purpose is to personally train and mentor you to:

 1. Be a Professional Motocross Coach—and have your students realize breakthrough results.

 2. Own and independently operate a financially successful motocross coaching business.

 The Be a MX Coach Professional Coaching Certification Program is not a one-time interaction or an on-line study course.Participants will be personally trained and mentored through a rigorous and extensive program and receive a minimum of 55 hours of training, with over 20 hours spent on the motocross track to be certified as a professional motocross coach. 

Candidate coaches (participants) will be trained in a scientific approach to coaching,athletics, and motocross in the technologies of: 1) ontology, 2) neuroscience, and 3) physics.  Utilizing using a distinct methodology that leaves one “being it” rather than merely knowing or understanding, and has produced champions––and will unquestionably take any rider, no matter what skill level, to immediate and breakthrough results. 

Created by Joe DeGano, who founded MX Coach in 2001,represents over three decades of training, developing, integrating and mastering all the aspects to the art and science of professional coaching. Joe also established DeGano Coaching &Consulting, a world leader in organizational transformation and leadership,giving the Be A MX Coach program a unique ability to fulfill both promises of the program to: 1) Be a professional motocross coach, and 2) Be a financially successful business owner.

Be a MX Coach was created in response to market demand for access to professional and effective coaching for motocross competitors and dirt bike riders of any age, racing class and ability worldwide. Be a MX Coach creates a certification and professional standard for effective and ethical coaching all the way from youth sports up to adult professional.

Applications are now being accepted for the first 2017 program at

For more information please contact Joe DeGano: 208-841-9655,


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