WSX Releases Penalty Report for Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 22

MCR Team riders hit with multiple penalties...

The Abu Dhabi round of the 2023 FIM World Supercross Championship brought much scrutiny from fans and racers alike, with much of it surrounding Vince Friese and certain actions deemed by many to be unacceptable. The series and more notably the FIM seem to agree to some extent, as a penalty report has been released post-race that has three penalties listed, all for the MCR team.

2023 FIM World Supercross Championship (WSX) Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Penalty Report 

Following the 2023 WSX Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Etihad Arena, Abu Dhabi, UAE, WSX hereby confirms Race Direction issued three (3) penalties to riders at the 2023 WSX Abu Dhabi GP as per the post-event penalty report. 

The below penalties were issued by Race Direction, which is made up of the FIM Delegate, FIM Race Director and Clerk of the Course:

Penalty 1

  • Rider #3, Vince Friese: Two (2) position penalty for dangerous riding in WSX Race 1

Penalty 2

  • Rider #49, Mitchell Oldenburg: Disqualified after entering the mechanics area backwards in WSX Race 3. 

Penalty 3

  • Rider #3, Vince Friese: Two (2) position penalty for leaving the track and gaining an advantage in WSX Race 3.

WSX’s Race Direction will continue to retain full diligence on rider conduct, including ensuring all riders ride in a safe and responsible manner at the upcoming 2023 WSX Boost Mobile Australian Grand Prix.

Quote from SX Global/WSX’s CEO, Adam Bailey: “As we grow this new FIM World Supercross Championship, racing and the integrity, must be paramount, as is rider safety. As the promoters of the championship, we want to see hard racing that provides an incredible spectacle for fans and spectators; however, we rely on the FIM and their officials, to implement and enforce the rules to ensure both integrity and safety are always maintained.”


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