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Simon Längenfelder sustains an injury at Portuguese Grand Prix...

Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing's Simon Längenfelder has hit a hiccup in his bid for the MX2 crown in the 2024 FIM Motocross World Championship. The Grand Prix of Portugal, the fifth race of the term, was kind to Längenfelder to start with, as he moved closer to Kay de Wolf in the standings in both the qualification heat and moto one.

Unfortunately, Längenfelder was sidelined by a crash on lap one of the second MX2 moto. Immediately aware of the ailment, he walked towards the paddock in hot pursuit of medical attention. GASGAS has been elusive when discussing his status. Längenfelder jumped onto social media, however, to confirm that he suffered a broken collarbone.

"Portugal did not end how we wanted… Solid first race to secure a second place, but I crashed out in the first lap of the second race and broke my collarbone! See you ASAP."

There is no timeline on his recovery, but he did undergo surgery on May 06. The fact that he will see everyone "ASAP" hints at the fact that he will strive to compete at this weekend's Grand Prix of Galicia. 30 points is the deficit that he faces to the red plate and so there is adequate motivation for him to place his MC 250F on track.


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