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This is a lever that challenges the limits. Where others break, Polisport resist...

Used to the original levers but looking for a long-lasting alternative? Polisport's 'APT Unbreakable Levers' are shaped exactly like your bike's original ones and the APT technology of which the lever is made guarantees a high level of resistance in the event of a fall, causing the lever to bend, rather than breaking or cracking. In addition, the horizontally oriented stainless-steel strip on the inside of the lever also ensures that it doesn't deform during normal use. This is an exclusive technology developed by Polisport.


Key Features

  • OEM Shape: Exact replica of OEM levers’ shape.
  • Apt Technology: Specially developed compounds and an alloy of stainless steel for greater durability and resistance.
  • No Deformation: No flexibility or deformation during use.
  • Unbreakable: Can be restored to its original shape.
  • Installing: Mounts into stock perch and master cylinder.
  • Temperature Transfer: Minimized temperature transfer. Effective in cold settings.
  • Kit Or Separately: Sold as a kid or separately.

What is Apt Technology?

APT is an exclusive Polisport technology. A hybrid system that integrates a stainless-steel part on the inside and a plastic composite on the outside. The stainless-steel component ensures that the handle does not deform during normal use, while the plastic composite provides high resistance to compression in the event of a fall, allowing the handle to bend instead of breaking or snapping.


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