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The Pierer Mobility Group secure the Coenen twins on multi-year deals...

The Pierer Mobility Group has ensured that the Coenen brothers, Lucas and Sacha, will not stray far from their umbrella of brands via multi-year contracts for each twin. Lucas' deal was inked with Husqvarna, the manufacturer that he has represented for the past twenty-four months, whilst Sacha is tied to KTM's outfit. Press releases were distributed simultaneously on Thursday, November 16.

"I'm really happy to continue my relationship with the Nestaan Husqvarna Factory Racing,” Lucas remarked in a statement that also included words from his current team manager, Rasmus Jorgensen. "Our first year together was very successful – we have a base to build on in 2024 and that is going to be very important. Thanks to everyone for their support. I cannot wait for the new season to begin on March 10."

Sacha was just as buoyant. "I am really looking forward to next year already, as well as the future seasons," he commented."This year was a big learning experience for me but great for building a relationship with the team and the guys. It was difficult at times, and I could not always deliver the results I wanted but we had some good races, I tried hard and had some nice starts as well."

The cryptic press releases simply state that multi-year contracts have been agreed upon – they are thought to stretch until the end of 2027 – and so, understandably, fans are curious as to whether their aspirations to move to the United States have been scrapped. The Coenen brothers will move in 2026, at the earliest, or 2027. The Pierer Mobility Group will feature heavily in their transatlantic move.

Staying in Europe for a prolonged period at the beginning of their respective careers means that they will follow the unique path established by the Lawrence brothers. Hunter completed two terms in Grands Prix before moving onto pastures new and, to this day, the family states that his European background has been beneficial. Lucas Mirtl manages the Lawrence family, as well as the Coenen twins.


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