Justin Barcia Releases Statement on St. Louis Incident with Jett Lawrence 15

Read Justin Barcia's own words on the situation from Saturday night...

During the third and final main of the 450 class in St. Louis, Troy Lee Design/Red Bull GasGas Factory Racing's Justin Barcia was involved in an incident with Jett Lawrence that left many examining the ins-and-outs of the collision. Blame has been passed around and fingers have been pointed. Post-race, Vital MX inquired with his team for an interview but we were told Barcia wanted to release his own statement early in the week after he had time to review and process further. 

Justin has now released said statement on his personal Instagram account and here's what was said:

Justin Barcia - "What's up everyone. Hope everyone had a good Easter. I just want to touch back on Saturday night real quick. Yeah, I'm sure everyone's seen the crash already, and anyone who knows dirt bikes knows that was a racing incident, and not intentional by any means. It was such a bummer. It was early on in the laps, you're just racing hard and came in a super hot. Jett cut down and it was a wrong place, wrong time situation.

Spoke to Jett after the race. He completely understood what happened, he knew I didn't do that intentionally. But, I felt like I wanted to go over to the Honda truck and talk to the whole crew. Yes, everyone was obviously really upset, and on our crew as well...it was just a bummer. It took all of us out of out of the race, which was absolutely disappointing.

Everyone is understanding and knew it wasn't intentional and that's not my style. So I'm glad we can move on from this. Jett is okay and healthy. I'm okay and healthy. Luckily, Jett is a grown man and a great racer and understood the situation. We can put it beside us and go racing in a couple of weeks."


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