Haiden Deegan Penalized in Birmingham Supercross 9

Deegan has been docked in Birmingham

While the overall racing in Birmingham had multiple incidents and other crazy storylines in each class, one stand out was the first lap incident involving Haiden Deegan and multiple other riders avoiding an early lap pileup. While avoiding said pileup, Deegan went off track and was viewed to have gained an advantage by re-passing riders before re-entering the race track. The AMA has confirmed a two-position penalty for the Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing rider, dropping him from seventh place to ninth place in the main event standings and costing him two points in the process.

On an interesting note, Deegan wasn't the only rider to have been a part of this off-track excursion but was the only one to be penalized. This would make us suspect that his other incidents throughout the evening weighed upon his penalty as well.




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