We did some polling around the pit area Saturday in Houston among the riders and teams to find out where they're at on their thinking regarding participation in the USGP. As you might imagine, opinions ran the gamut from full speed ahead, to wait and see, to flat-out, "No way"...and tended to stray from the mid-to-latter. Some riders actually aren't all that fond of the Glen Helen and were happy with the news that it had been dropped from the U.S. calendar, while at least one team manager we talked to said, "It's a shame it's not on the National schedule. That's real motocross."

With it falling just after the first round of the AMA National Series, many of the teams didn't think the cost and risks involved were a worthwhile thing for something that is not among their season goals. Several of them mentioned the short notice as a factor in their decisions.

One thing you will see are lots of the team semis on hand to support their European counterparts. The European factory teams have generally provided lots of support to the Team USA members of the MXoN during their visits overseas.

Here's a quick look at where some of the teams stand...and remember, this could change.

KTM: The North American branch of the Austrian brand has already confirmed that Tommy Searle and Mike Alessi will be in for the weekend. (It'll be interesting to see if they stick with their U.S. spec bikes, or add in some extra Works goodies.)

Rockstar Makita Suzuki: They'll be on hand to support Teka Rockstar Suzuki, but it's unlikely you'll see Ryan Dungey.

Honda Red Bull Racing: Undecided at this point, but you can expect that they'll at least provide some logistical support for the European teams.

Monster Energy Kawasaki: Put them at 50/50 at the moment. It sounds like their initial thought was to skip it, but apparently the more they've talked about it, it's sounding a little more enticing. (Monster may be interested in having them participate.) Likely that the Team Green rig will support the European Kawasaki Racing Team.

San Manuel / Yamaha / JSE: They're still awaiting the return of James Stewart, and apparently he hasn't started riding yet while his wrist heals.

Valli Motorsports Rockstar Yamaha: Tedesco for sure not (he's not a fan of the track). Undecided for Kyle Regal. They'll likely have Kyle Summers under their tent for the race. He's interested in a 2011 ride in Europe, and wouldn't mind some face time with the European team managers.

JGRMX Toyota/Muscle Milk/Yamaha: No.

GEICO Powersports Honda: They'll know more in seven days. Some of their riders have expressed an interest in racing.

Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki: Undecided (but also waiting to hear what Kawasaki wants them to do). They'll be on hand to support CLS Kawasaki. Christophe Pourcel said he'll probably go to watch his brother, Sebastien, but didn't sound interested in racing it.

Rockstar Energy Suzuki: No.

Star Racing: Broc Tickle is interested in racing and will likely be there.

Nick Wey is interested in participating.

Suzuki City/Nitro Circus: Maybe.

We know that some other teams have been contacted about providing support for visiting teams. We'll update you on those as we find out more.

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  • Team Euro

    4/29/2010 8:54 PM

    When GP riders can cross the ocean, and dominate the American circuits in the USA and the US riders fail to even complete a full GP season here, there is really no argument. The GP season is brutal plus the riders compete in thier own country championships during the season. A weekend off is very rare. GP riders ride in thier local area races also and powder puffing out of a race with the FOI (fear of injury) excuse is not GP material. The money to be made over the ocean has blemished the true sport and even though there are some of the best riders there they will never be classified as a World Champion without a GP championship under thier belt. Our tracks are not groomed between races and most crowds can almost reach out and touch thier favorite riders during the races. If a senario of the AMA holding a race over here on a off weekend in the GP season ever became true you can be certain that there would be GP riders making excuses TO BE there, not the opposite. The FOI (fear of injury) excuse can be construded as a " fear of being dominated and losing contract when GP rider travels over the pond next year) excuse. You can bet your britches that every American team manager is going to be there getting a freebie peek at the next seasons prospects and many phone numbers are going to be exchanged, I would be fearful of my team ride next year if I was a floundering US team rider.This is going to be a great situation for the GP riders and threatening for the US team riders, they will no longer be the BIG fish in a small pond, they will become SMALL fish in the big pond.....

  • stillwelding

    4/17/2010 7:09 AM

    Sure I'd like to see the US riders up against the best of the GP scene. It just doesn't seem realistic considering the conflicting factors of different machines (sound , fuel, weight, etc.) and the fact that once the Nationals have started the incentive is to complete that series. If a team manager took the risk to let a rider participate, and the rider got injured, he'd really have egg on his face as well.

  • Underground

    4/15/2010 2:42 AM

    Weak would be me take'n a dump on your door step and you be to scared to come out side. Exactly what we got here. To scared to race in their own backyard cause they might get hurt ! ! ? Remember when motocross used to be a mans sport. Let's face it, Dungey got the win over in Italy by default, (won't take anything away from him cause he's the next Stanton i feel, just to early in his carrer and had an exceptional 2009) and the other US riders struggled. I want Reed to come out an settle the score from the des Nations cause it was him or Cairolli that year for top dog outdoors. How bout it Chad? Are you going to back out of an unfinished fight?

  • mrquick

    4/14/2010 11:46 PM

    If all our top riders took the time to cross the pond to race and their top 20/25
    riders didn't show (regardless of commitment) up to race ,I know what we
    would be saying/calling them.

  • mistergold

    4/14/2010 1:07 AM

    for the sport, for the fans, for the proud... the americans must race at the USGP!
    common guys!!!

  • 500guy

    4/13/2010 11:32 AM

    pretty weak for a drunk Irishman to call out USA teams who have nothing to gain by a surprise USGP that has nothing to do with the races that matter to them.

    I would be surprised if more than 3 or 4 top guy's from the AMA series race this.

  • Underground

    4/13/2010 4:17 AM

    I think there's alot of scared US riders out there who don't want to possibly get beat by an ugly Italian on a 350cc. Weak as piss!!

  • GuyB

    4/12/2010 9:24 PM

    I'm hoping that we get a good turnout of U.S. guys to keep the GP crew on their toes. That's a first look. I'm sure we'll get some updates as we get closer.

  • wired4speed

    4/12/2010 9:15 PM

    Hopefully some racers from the GEICO tent will show up along with KTM. I understand why most Teams are not racing the USGP but for those racers that do show up it's going to be a great day lining up with some of the best riders from around the world.

  • BobbyM

    4/12/2010 11:34 AM

    most of the riders and teams hate glen helen, that is a known fact. dangerous and crazy 120 foot triples is not imho real motocross

  • Racer111

    4/12/2010 11:18 AM

    I can completely understand why the Teams are skeptical and do not want their riders to race. Someone ALWAYS gets hurt at Glen Helen. What if say RV, RD, JS or whoever wins the first round at Hangtown and goes to the USGP and gets hurt? It's not part of their series, so why would any potential Championship contenders risk it? Especially knowing that the GP riders would more than likely ride over their head just to try and prove a point. Put yourself in a Team Managers position instead of a fan position.

  • mccread

    4/12/2010 9:47 AM

    Pretty weak by the US teams not to race an event and date that they were supposed to be attending the US national anyway. Maybe Searle was right in his interview with cycle news- it wouldn't be good for the American riders ego to get beat by riders they never heard of.

    You would think it would be good testing for the outdoors too, they would most likely be riding anyway I don't see the problem. RJ and DB all where able to race it back in the day. They would get massive exposure for their sponsors as well on a global scale - there is no reason not to do it.

  • FLmxer

    4/12/2010 8:44 AM

    It's to bad the schedule could not be moved a few weeks earlier. I would guess the first round of nationals may change the line-ups with teams wanting to see how they sit after round 1. If any major players DNF they may decide to ride the gp with nothing to lose. It will be good either way.

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