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If you check out the Vital MX homepage, you've likely noticed our growing commitment to bike and product testing. As far as we're concerned, the more products we test, the better informed purchasing decisions you can make when it comes to your bikes, components, and gear. Besides our own tests, we also rely on Vital MX members to help us out, which is why we're extending the offer for a few members/visitors to join our product testing staff. Last year we did something similar, but we're aiming to go expand a bit more for the upcoming year.

If you feel like you have what it takes to to help out your fellow members and visitors with the accurate ins-and-outs of product, you can get started by following these simple directions:

1. Have an account. (This may seem simple but for those that are just lurkers, we encourage you sign up. If accepted as a tester, this makes the process much more simple, as we need a screen name to post the reviews under.)

2. Create an example review. (The best way to show us that you have what it takes to be a product tester, is to test and review a product! Take something you've been using for a while, and do a write up on it. To better show your chops, use our template of how we break down a product. Which you can see by jumping into the product section and checking out some of the reviews we've recently done. For the most part it breaks down as such: introduction, product features, first impressions, on the track/in the shop, long-term durability, the last word, and a star rating ranging from 0 to 5, in half increments with your judgement. Also, throw in a small bio about yourself in the third person. Something that gives the reader a small bit of info about yourself and life/riding experience. Humor is welcomed.)

3. Info about yourself. (General info about yourself, riding experience, location, owned bikes, gear sizes, etc.)

4. Other published work. (If you have any previous editorial work, no matter how small or what it entails, shoot that over as well!)

5. Photography is a bonus. (Being able to take photos isn't a must, but it's definitely a positive. If you're able, send over a few photos of the product you're testing. Depicting the product and what you're trying to explain through your review.)

6. Email us! (Once you're done, you can send the review and info over to:

Advice: Remember, this isn't a race. Take your time and do your best. Also, quality over quantity is preferred.

Other notes: We do need to make this clear ahead of time, as many asked about this the last go-around. This is NOT a paying gig. The reward for your work are the products themselves.


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