Justin Cooper Suffers Broken Foot - Will He Race Supercross? 2

One of our two defending 250 Regional SX champs may not get a chance to go for a second title...

Vital MX's Take: As originally reported by Racer X Online, Justin Cooper has reportedly broken his foot and due to the timeline of the injury, he may not partake in Supercross at all this season. Questions have arose the past few days as it became clear that the #1E of Colt Nichols would ride West coast with Justin Cooper #1W heading East instead. Originally pointed towards the team's decision of what they felt was there better chance for the titles has now taken a new twist. It seems this injury for Cooper is very recent and could jeopardize him starting the East championship in just around seven weeks.

AMA rules state that a defending regional Supercross champ may only race the 250 series to defend the following year after their title, unless the rider won the title in their rookie season in the class. This means Justin Cooper would only be allowed to defend his title or race the opposite coast in 2022 and would be forced to a 450 in 2023. However, there is no clear language related to the season being missed by injury. The Star Yamaha team could petition for an extension to this if Justin Cooper is unable to lineup for any Supercross rounds in the upcoming season.

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