Jeremy Martin Signs with Muc-Off | FXR | ClubMX Yamaha for 2023! 2

The Rumormill comes true with Jeremy Martin's new home for 2023...

Welp! That came true much sooner than we expected. If you've been checking the website, we covered the possibility of Jeremy Martin leaving the Monster Energy Star Yamaha team in 2023 to make a shock switch to the Muc-Off | FXR | ClubMX Yamaha team! Well, we were mostly on point. The announcement has come out and you can read about it below.


Press Release:

CHESTERFIELD, SC – MAY 9, 2022: Jeremy Martin turned pro in 2012 and it did not take long for him to make an impact on the sport. By 2013 he was crowned Rookie of the Year for the Pro Motocross series and his trajectory was skyward ever since. He racked up twenty-five wins and forty-five podiums in Supercross and Motocross and is a threat to win every time he throws a leg over a bike.

Martin makes a splash one more time by signing on with the Muc-Off – FXR – ClubMX team for 2023 to make one final push to win the 250 Supercrosss and 250 Motocross Championships. Martin had multiple “hotly contested” offers and options for the season but selected the growing privateer team for his best shot at the top.

“As you can imagine, it was a difficult decision with all the offers on the table. I am familiar with the ClubMX program and it has been growing at a good pace for a reason. Their bikes are on point and I have a good comfort level with Brandon (Haas) and the crew The main deciding factor for me is the ClubMX facility itself. What most people don’t see or know about are the ten tracks, the training program, the fitness program .. all top notch.” said Martin.

“Bringing a multi-time national champion to our team takes us to a new level. I have known Jeremy for a long time and have a great deal of respect for his attitude and work ethic. He is the perfect fit for our style of racing and will lift all aspects of our program. He’s a grinder. He just puts his head down and does the work with no flash. He doesn’t need a spotlight on him – he just wants to win” said owner Brandon Haas.


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