Jason Anderson Injured while Practicing at Glen Helen

Second update: We've received a little more info on the injury but can't share details for the sake of privacy. Jason is out of surgery now, and the injury wasn't his leg as originally speculated but a foot injury, we will have to wait for the official Press Release for it break down what exactly was injured in the incident. We wish you the best Ando.

We have a "third account" of what happened today, coming from someone over-seeing the vacation riders involved in the incident with Jason.

"There was a rider on the track with a broken femur, two broke ankles and a compound fracture to his heel. While a rider blocked the blind jump to protect him and without direction from staff (as there are none), the riders cut the jump out and continued there Moto at full speed without due care of the downed rider...with other riders and spectators helping during the 20 minutes it took for ambulance to arrive. Musquin’s bike didn’t leave the pits during this time and Roczen was out playing on the hip jump out back. Everyone else held race pace, blasting past the medics and fire department guys. The pros need to set a better example and be held to a higher standard than squids and goons, they're the face of the sport and looked like a bunch of idiots today, riding without due care and attention."

Update: Jason Anderson was heading into surgery around 6PM PST this evening, we're not sure the extent of his injuries yet, just that they're to his leg region. We've also added a second version of the account from today's incident as posted on our forum

“A rider went down beyond the Wall Jump before the finish line jump. The track crew blocked the Wall Jump and made us go around it and the fallen rider before re-entering the track. I was going slow and when I looked over at the injured rider I saw that it as my friend. I wasn’t on the track, but on the infield, I turned towards the track and didn’t realize that Jason Anderson was behind me. He came out of nowhere.. He clipped my bars and we went down. I think his foot got wedged in my front end. I landed on my left side and was down for a bit, I’m a little bit bruised.”

Original post: At this point it's just info we received from a phone call but from what we were told, Jason Anderson has been injured at Glen Helen today after colliding with someone who was trying to assist/block a down rider. The down rider had crashed and broken both his legs, while two other riders were trying to assist the downed individual, Anderson clipped one of them...resulting in Jason crashing. An early rumor points to a broken leg for Anderson and a broken wrist for the person he clipped/collided with. This apparently all just happened today while practicing at Glen Helen, within the past hour, so we expect to get more of an official word soon as Jason is likely on his way to get checked out.

Again, the details of the incident itself is second hand information.

Also as a note, MXA has photos of Anderson being carried off the track by his team's crew chief.

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