Antonio Cairoli Tests Rossi's Yamaha

While Chad Reed, Grant Langston, Jeremy McGrath, Andrew Short, and a long list of international competitors were at Bercy Stadium in Paris, Antonio Cairoli was taking the win at the third round of the European Supercross Championship in Milan, Italy. Cairoli has a solid lead in the series, with two rounds (November 24th in Genoa, and December 15th in in Munich) remaining.

Earlier in the week Antonio also had a chance to try out Valentino Rossi’s YZR-M1 on the circuit at Valencia, Spain.

According to quotes from Yamaha’s European press department, Antonio said, “I was more then a little anxious, also because Valentino’s bike has opposite gear change to what I, and normal road riders are used to. What impressed me most was the fearsome acceleration, which frankly speaking is the only real sensation you can get when you have limited riding skills on a bike like this. I was allowed to do just five laps, but I enjoyed it so much I requested and got another five!”

Antonio reportedly didn’t want to toss away the exotic bike, and turned in laps that were in the 1:51.0 second range…about 20 seconds slower than the track record.


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