Alta Motors Shutters Operations

Sadly, another US-based motorcycle company has closed its doors, at least for the time being. After news came out a couple months ago that Harley would be leaving their partnership with Alta Motors, we were wondering what that would do to the future of the brand and now we have an answer. According to an article posted on Asphalt and Rubber this morning, the San Francisco based electric motorcycle company has closed its doors as it looks for further investors or an outright buyout.

"Today’s news comes after a story we published where the business relationship between Harley-Davidson and Alta Motors began to fall apart, which included further investment from the Bar & Shield brand into Alta Motors, which was dog-eared for the company’s next electric motorcycle platform. Not soon after that report, Harley-Davidson announced that it would be opening its own R&D facility in the San Francisco Bay Area, with the goal of developing drivetrain technology for electric motorcycles and bicycles." - Asphalt and Rubber

Having personally made my way north to tour the company's facility, meet their staff, and test out their bikes, I'm truly bummed to see this news when I woke up. While Alta's product wasn't going to be every rider's cup of tea, every person I knew who threw a leg over one was immensely impressed and the product was an absolute blast to ride. Regardless of your stance for and against electric motorcycles, it sucks to see a US motorcycle company shut down and their moto-nuts employees without work. 

As stated in the original A&R article, shuttering their doors isn't necessarily the end, as they continue to hunt for more capital from an investor or an outright sale of the brand...which has had some interested suitors along the way. Until we hear more news you can learn more about the brand, some of the people involved, and our personal thoughts on their machines by hitting this link (Atla Motors). We will update when more info is available about the company's future.

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