2018 Anaheim 1 Supercross Provisional Entry Lists Released

These aren't the final entry lists, but at least they give us some idea of who will be lining up at A1.

450 Class

Number: Name:
2 Cooper Webb
3 Eli Tomac
4 Blake Baggett
6 Jeremy Martin
10 Justin Brayton
14 Cole Seely
15 Dean Wilson
19 Justin Bogle
21 Jason Anderson
22 Chad Reed
33 Josh Grant
34 Weston Peick
39 Kyle Cunningham
48 Henry Miller
51 Justin Barcia
55 Vince Friese
58 Matthew Bisceglia
60 Benny Bloss
69 Tyler Bowers
72 Josh Hansen
73 Brandon Scharer
80 AJ Catanzaro
84 Scott Champion
90 Dakota Tedder
91 Alex Ray
94 Ken Roczen
120 Todd Bannister
145 Travis Smith
178 Ronnie Ford
181 Dustin Pipes
214 Vann Martin
256 James Milson
262 Connor Pearson
282 Theodore Pauli
330 Cade Autenrieth
447 Deven Raper
501 Scotty Wennerstrom
509 Alexander Nagy
523 Miles Daniele
526 Colton Aeck
542 Johnnie Buller
608 David Pulley
645 Cheyenne Harmon
722 Adam Enticknap
723 Tyler Enticknap
907 Ben Lamay
918 Michael Akaydin
976 Josh Greco
981 Austin Politelli

250 Class

Number: Name:
1 Justin Hill
11 Kyle Chisholm
17 Joey Savatgy
23 Aaron Plessinger
26 Alex Martin
28 Shane McElrath
29 Martin Davalos
30 Michell Harrison
32 Christian Craig
35 Austin Forkner
40 Chase Sexton
52 Mitchell Oldenburg
53 Bradley Taft
54 Phillip Nicoletti
62 Justin Cooper
63 Hayden Mellross
67 Justin Hoeft
68 Justin Starling
75 Noah McConahy
77 Ryan Surratt
81 Chase Marquier
92 Adam Cianciarulo
122 Chris Howell
124 Robert Fitch
137 Martin Castelo
138 Blake Lilly
141 Robbie Wageman
149 Tallon LaFountaine
150 Austin Walton
160 Jess Pettis
170 Michael Leib
188 Gage Schehr
217 Ryan Breece
226 Dimitri Rolando
240 Bryce Stewart
246 Chance Blackburn
271 Kyle Fry
321 Bradley Lionnet
383 Casey Brennan
388 Brandon Leith
422 Philipp Klakow
424 Tyler Custer
427 Deegan Vonlossberg
448 Broc Shoemaker
497 Brock Leitner
651 Jake Hogan
715 Kele Russell
767 Mason Wharton
792 Bracken Hall
805 Carlen Gardner
820 Dalton Oxborrow
992 Jean Ramos

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  • swedrik

    12/29/2017 11:25 AM

    Do I read poorly or is Malcolm Stewart not racing?
    What is Frederik Noren to do? He was faster than the hot US amateurs each race, came from behind and had top 15s out doors all year. Despite a van and Terrible starts / late race tech disorders. I can not see why No one picked up Freddie. Watch his lap times. On a privateer effort. MXGP?

  • GD2

    12/29/2017 11:52 AM

    These are not the final lists. Malcolm and Freddy could be added in anytime before race day.

  • mbowen63

    12/30/2017 8:00 AM

    Noren just had a collarbone injury if Im not mistaken

  • CBM-Racing

    12/31/2017 3:10 AM

    Really had to say that out loud. Neither of the Stewart Bros are scheduled to be at A1 or any other race in 2018. Malcolm says he is working out a deal with some team and may show up on a Kawasaki. But you guys have to start looking past the Stewart's. They turned their backs on the sport and are paying the price which is nobody will work with them it is to difficult. Trust me I have had limited (thank god) contact with James over the years! Sorry but James is letting his career just fade away along with his legacy!

  • swedrik

    12/31/2017 11:52 AM

    It is a plot for a movie that Stewart Story. I was not even considering James, I just recall hearing Malcolm would show up (I do not think he is fit for it, no). I was more concerned on Frederik but if he broke the Collar-b it explains things.
    I was more terrified in -16, than excited, to see Stew out there. Something is not right. Motivation or, yes, possibly all the hard, hard hits he had to his head over 25 years is taking its toll. He is done. But I will never ever let go of what is on film. James came out swinging at 16 and he is to me, just a part of Motocross. No one is close. To me. HIs Private life and # of titles does not matter, there is no new Stew around. Therefore there is Ronnie Mac.

    But, thanks for Your info and for all the great racing you provided online CBM.
    Happy New Year, Sweden.

  • TylerCuster424

    12/29/2017 10:55 AM

    Didn't know I changed my name haha. 250 class #424 Tyler* Custer.

  • GD2

    12/29/2017 11:11 AM

    Doh! My bad. I must have misread the AMA list when I was typing it up. It has been fixed.

  • Kleineman

    12/29/2017 4:30 PM

    Good luck Tyler!

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