11 Surgeries Down, Now it's Go Time - Ken Roczen

Vital MX: After being sidelined from a career-threatening injury at Anaheim 2 this year, it's time for Ken Roczen to make the comeback to racing in just a few short weeks...The Player's Tribune caught up with him to put together this short piece.


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  • ScooterD

    12/18/2017 4:54 AM

    I didn't see the turn mid way up the lane or his feet getting ripped off but what do I know? He seems to be no accepting he effed up, maybe you cant in that sport? Oh well I respect the comeback, A1 will prove how recovered he is. Practice tracks aren't racing.

  • Johnny Depp

    12/14/2017 3:47 PM

    I never heard that version of the crash before. "I came around the turn, and hit a little bump in the bottom, it actually ripped my feet off". "I actually wanted to just cut the arm off, that's how bad it was"
    Unbelievable respect for him getting back to this level, while at the same time praying it doesn't happen again.
    If he's as fast as many believe, he needs to bide his time, 17 races is a long season and you've got to finish to win it.

  • SidewayzMike

    12/14/2017 10:06 AM

    Like always, he's gonna eat musquin for breakfast
    only tomac can battlle with roczen. he's gonna be extra hungry, winning will be so bittersweet

  • ScooterD

    12/18/2017 4:55 AM

    He is gonna have to eat Marvin and Tomac. All the hype being built on Musquin and Roczen everyone is forgettin about #3. Just because he isn't racing overseas or letting the media in to interview or film doesn't mean he won't be out there.

  • Jay Moto

    12/14/2017 8:15 AM

    Gosh d@mn, that top 5 hot vball moments....oh $hit, wait...oh yeah Roczen’s gonna shred!

  • Mr.motocrosskidNB61

    12/13/2017 5:29 PM

    Roczen is going dominant this session no question asked

  • 5thgearpinnedJB65

    12/13/2017 2:55 PM

    No one is going to be able to keep up with him

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