Prize Winners from St. Louis - Vital MX Fantasy

Wildomar, CA US
Edited Date/Time 4/2/2024 8:12pm

St. Louis' winning team was a 14-man roster, belonging to jock and locking in 150 points. This means the winning team averaged $6,667 spent per point.

This week's featured brand is DeCal Works. The crew at DeCal Works has committed a set of number backgrounds as a weekly prize for the team that finishes second place each week. They're also the seventh place prize in our series end for Supercross, Pro Motocross, and the SuperMotocross series with a complete custom graphics kit.

PhotoTo learn more about what's up for grabs, click here.

Here are the prize winners from week twelve

1st place: FXR jersey - jock

2nd place: DeCal Works backgrounds - Garretsmith258

3rd place: 100% Accuri goggles - kshorty88

4th place: Guts Racing seat cover - kx137

5th place: $50 Yoshimura Gift Card - JSmx814

6th place: Troy Lee Designs hoodie and hat - Jmo140

7th place: DT1 air filter - Yamabog

8th place: Mika Metals grips - rjackso5

9th place: Eagle Grit hand wipes - _Mitch

10th place: FMF moto sock and hat combo - kingmcgrath

11th place: Maxima SC-1: Brs1182

12th place: Arai hat - Suzieq32


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