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Palm Coast, FL US
3/8/2023 6:33am Edited Date/Time 3/8/2023 6:35am

I have what I think is a good suggestion for a thread that could be made a sticky for each week. This week is Indy and it would be cool to have a thread of what to do or any hot tips to do with navigating the stadium, good local restaurants, enthusiast bike shops or anything an out-of-town visitor may like to see or do.

I thought about making my own thread for the Daytona race but unfortunately, I came up with the idea on last Saturday which would have been too late. Probably 95% of the out of towners had no idea that they had a pro money race at Tampa on Thursday before the supercross and people may have been interested had they known.

A thread like that would be even more helpful for the outdoors with traffic tips or ideas where to park etc. 


P.S. Obviously nothing is stopping me from making said thread, I was just referring to a thread started by a moderator or one of the powers that be and be an official "thing." 


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