tld se4 vs fox v3

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5/12/2018 7:33 PM

hey guys I’m stuck deciding between these 2 helmets, I have found good deals on both. I have worn a fox v2 for the last few years so leaned toward the v3 initially and have tried one on. Then I came across a composite tld se4 online that is really catching my eye but I don’t know much about them and my local dealer doesn’t carry any to try on.

Has anyone tried both of these helmets that could help me out ?


5/24/2018 7:59 AM

Order both from Rocky Mountain, see which one fits your head the best, return ship for free the one you didn't choose.


6/4/2018 10:28 AM

I've never bought a helmet without trying it on first.

Bit worrying someone could drop a lid after delivery, realise it's junk, send it back as there's no visible damage, then it ends up arriving at my house instead a few days later!


6/4/2018 3:22 PM

I've had V3 & se3, both fit very well but I haven't ever tried on an se4


6/19/2018 12:17 AM

Excellent topic. I remember a lot of new things. I need more such discussions.


8/23/2018 2:09 PM

I have a v3 fox and just bought a Moto 9 flex but almost bought the SE4.

The fox is heavy but has a very generous eye port and the liner is one of the more plush helmets Ive ever worn.

I have no data to back this up but the SE4 felt safer and lighter though. Also the ventilation in the fox isn't the best which is why I switched to the Bell in the first place. The SE4 was released not too long ago and I think it design is cutting edge compared to the fox.

Just my thoughts!


8/24/2018 9:16 PM

SE4 based on having both helmets


3/26/2019 1:47 AM

I riding with Airoh Aviator 2.2 now but will buy TLD SE4 soon. Love it when try it from my friends


3/27/2019 5:24 PM

SE4 all the way. Love mine! Photo