RaceTech SCS Spring Conversion System on 2017 KX450F

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11/19/2018 1:59 PM

So I have this in another post but thought I'd share my thoughts on the difference the SCS gives over the stock SFF-TAC fork on this bike. For starters I'm a 51 Vet - Novice 200 Lb dude. I bought the bike in March of 18 as a leftover for $5,999. I'd read all about the TAC fork before this and thought it would not really impact me as I'm old slow and would never care about it. That lasted about a month. The stock fork was harsh, which forced me to go very soft on the settings. It's hard to describe but every time I would land it felt like the bike was going to twist out on me.

I found out about the SKF glide kit which I installed and it eliminated the harsh hits and I was able to stiffen the fork. It was better, but I felt like the bike was very inconsistent and I never could repeat a good feel from one day to the next. Finally I got tired of airing the damn thing up every time I rolled up to the track. So,,, a few weeks ago I bought the SCS by Race Tech along with the springs (front and rear) using the RT calculator. Got the bike together this Friday and hit Woodland MX Park in Wa.

All I can say is just wow. I set them per factory settings and made a quick lap in the soft Woodland dirt. The front end didn't feel like it wanted to carve so I went up one click harder on the compression and kept it there the rest of the day. At one point I was riding and realized I couldn't feel the many small bumps that line the straightaways and panicked. The fork gives the front end a planted feel that absorbs bumps and jumps great and never feels harsh or wandery....

The shock is good and I've got to play with it a bit. The rear end wants to travel off of jumps and feels very harsh in whoops. That said the bike feels very balanced and I was hitting the bigger jumps fairly well (for me). Can't wait for the next race on Sunday. Any tips on settings to settle down the rear?